3 Tips to Buy Best Battery for Inverter

Tips to Buy Best Battery for Inverter

Buying an inverter battery can be a confusing affair. With so many varieties of batteries out there, how do you, as a consumer make the ideal choice when it comes to getting a battery that perfectly suits your power requirements? 

In this article, we will look at a few points that will help you choose the best battery for inverter for your home so that you end up with a battery that comes with great performance, efficiency, and service life while offering you the maximum value on your investment!

Types of Batteries

The first thing you need to decide is the type of battery that you want for your home. Ideally, you should be able to find 3 types of inverter batteries that are commonly available in the market: GEL, Tubular, and Flat Plate batteries. All these batteries have their own feature sets and are suited towards specific requirements. 

Let’s have a brief look at them. 

  1. GEL battery: These batteries are designed to be environment friendly and don’t release any harmful fumes and gases. Moreover, they come with zero spillage risks making them the perfect battery for homes with children. However, they are a bit expensive, but offer complete value for money, nonetheless. 
  2. Tubular battery: These are large batteries that pack a punch and are built to handle heavy loads and long durations. You can run air conditioners, geysers, pumps, refrigerators, etc. using these batteries without a hitch. They are best suited for areas with long power cuts. So, if you happen to live in an area as such, then you can consider buying these batteries as they are the best battery for inverter in that situation. 
  3. Flat Plate battery: These are more compact, and best for homes where space is a constraint. However, given their relatively smaller size, they are still pretty powerful when it comes to handling loads efficiently. They are best suited for areas with frequent short power cuts. 

Safety Features

No matter which battery type you choose, always ensure that the battery comes with inbuilt safety features to avoid any risk of fires or explosions to keep your home and appliances safe. Features such as overheat, and overcharge protection are critical for ensuring that the batteries don’t pose a hazard, since overheating and overcharging can both lead to triggering a fire and at times even an explosion in the battery. Therefore, always purchase a high-quality best battery for inverter that comes with safety features to mitigate these hazards. 

Backup Duration Capability 

Depending on how many appliances you have, and whether a few of them require heavy loads to run should decide the inverter and consequently, the battery you choose. If you have a house with a few fans, lights and a television set, a 150 Ah battery should suffice, but that won’t be the case if you have air conditioners, geysers, refrigerators, etc. that you would want to run off the auxiliary power. 

In that case, you would need an inverter with more load handling capability. It’s best to choose a inverter that comes with a slightly higher load handling capacity to ensure that should you end up adding one or two more appliances in the future, the inverter and the battery can still perform at its peak efficiency. 

The best battery for inverter is the one that meets all of the points that we discussed so far. So, shortlist accordingly, and you should be able to find your ideal battery without any issues. Luminous has a variety of batteries across the Gel, Tubular, and flat plate battery range available across budgets and load requirements. So, in case you are looking for the best battery for inverter for your home, do check out their extensive lineup of world-class inverter batteries all designed using the highest-quality standards and materials! 

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