After protests from users, WhatsApp postpone policy changes till May 15

Facebook-owned messaging platform WhatsApp recently changed its privacy policy, the last date for accepting it was set as February 8. Because of these changes, WhatsApp had to face severe criticism globally, including India.

WhatsApp has postponed its new privacy policy announced earlier this month till May 15.

WhatsApp had to face criticism globally, including in India, due to changes in its new privacy policy. There is a concern around the world that WhatsApp can share the data of the users with its parent company Facebook, after which the company has decided this.

The company said in its blog post on Friday, ‘We have heard from many people that there is a lot of doubt about the amendment in our recent privacy policy. A lot of misinformation is spreading, which remains a matter of concern and we want to help everyone to help us understand our principles and facts. ‘

WhatsApp said that the message on its platform is end-to-end encryption. Neither she nor Facebook can see private messages on that platform.

WhatsApp said, ‘No account will be suspended or closed on February 8. We will do more to remove the misinformation spread about privacy and security on WhatsApp. We will go slowly to the people to review the policy. New business options will be available from May 15. ‘

We want to make sure that users get enough time to understand and review the new terms. Trust me, we will never delete any account on the basis of this and will not do so in the future also.

Earlier, WhatsApp had said that to continue using its platform, users would have to agree on the new terms and policy by February 8.

WhatsApp said that it does not keep the details of whom the users are sending messages or whom they are calling. Also, she does not share contacts with Facebook.

Facebook-owned messaging platform WhatsApp had said, ‘These changes are related to optional’ business features’ on WhatsApp. This will bring more transparency to our data collection and usage.

This development is significant from the point of view that India is one of the biggest markets for WhatsApp. The number of WhatsApp users in India is more than 400 million.

Meanwhile, downloads of WhatsApp’s rival platform signal and telegram have increased significantly.

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