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Anupama 21st November 2020 Written Episode Update:

Anupama and her family send a Tempo traveler to the resort. They play Antakshari. Summer says that she is happy that Mummy has come out with us. Ba asks Anu if he has informed Vanraj. Anu says that he messaged her. Ba says he will call back when he gets time. Mamaji says that Vadodara is 90 km away. Bapuji asks when was the last time he went out. When Anu was 6-7 years old, Anu asks for the marriage of a relative. Ba says that Vanraj did not do the same with Tehan. Anu is saddened 8 years ago wondering if Kavya was with Vanraj in his bedroom for a week. The family continues to Antakshari. Rakhi awaits them eagerly. They reach the resort. Ba says that although Rakhi is, she chose a good place. Anu helps in unloading the stuff from the dicky. Her sari gets stuck. Kavya is seen swimming backward and enjoying jus with Vanaraja. Anu frees her sari and gets uncomfortable seeing another couple romancing and thinks what will happen and Bapuji thinks about it. Vanraj and Kavya are seen behind them.

Rakhi thanked her for coming. Ba remarks that no one should order to speak bitterly today because someone is speaking sweet. The manager talks to Rakhi, and she says that she has arranged for snacks and tea on the side of the pool. Anu says not poolside. Rakhi asks why. Samar says that Ba and Bapu would feel uncomfortable there. The family leaves for their rooms. Vanraj sees Anu’s message and shouts to him that he had gone out for 2 days and he went on leave carelessly. Anu says that the family is also with her. He scolds Bapuji for relaxing and asks where this resort is. She says that Vado. Rakhi collides with Anu and drops Anu’s phone. Hung up Rakhi thinks that if Vanraj sees Anu, he will leave quietly and his plan will go in vain. She sees Vanraj and Kavya coming towards her and quickly takes Anu to her lift.

Anupama 21st November 2020 Written Episode Update

Samar, Toshu, Kinjal, and Nandini arrive in their rooms. Kinjal asks Nandini to feel comfortable and since she is sharing the room she can only pay 50% of the rent. Nandini says that if she wants to spend quality time with Toshu, she can inform him and she will go out. Kinjal says that she can go to Samar’s room. Summer is happy to hear their conversation. Ba feels elated upon seeing the large hotel room and its luxury items. Bapuji says that he cannot digest Rakhi suddenly.

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