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Anupama 4th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Anupama And Kavya Donate Their Blood To Vanraj

Anupama 4th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Baa blames Anupama and Kavya's for Vanraj's condition

Baa accuses Anupama and Kavyas of Vanraj’s condition. Bapuji asks her not to make a show in an emergency clinic. Baa at that point accuses Kavya that on account of her, Vanraj couldn’t go to his child’s wedding, she made a dramatization in wedding and should have even at home; as a result of Kavya, Vanraj ventured out from home and disengaged from family, and so forth Bapuji asks her again not to yell in a medical clinic. Baa orders Kavya to escape an emergency clinic as she doesn’t need her shadow to fall on Vanraj. Kavya says this is a clinic and not her home that Baa can send her out. Baa holds her hand and hauls, however, Kavya liberates her hand and says she can’t prevent her from being close to Vanraj. Baa says she won’t succumb to her fake tears and hauls her once more.

Anupama 4th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Anupama And Kavya Donate Their Blood To Vanraj

Kavya argues Anu to stop Baa. Anu demands Baa to let Kavya remain here. Baa says she knows who Kavya is. Anu says your child’s adoration, might be he will get well soon with her quality and will ask her; they shouldn’t think terrible for others when they are in an awful circumstance. Bapuji says Anu is correct. Baa stops. Samar asks Anu when she saw what Kavya did at Toshu’s wedding, why she needs to excuse Kavya. Anu says even he excused his dad, once in a while circumstances cause them to fail to remember their agony. Kavya goes into Vanraj’s room and saying ‘sorry’ for battling with him solicitations to excuse her and get well soon as she really loves him. Anu quietly watches by means of the glass door.

Specialist checks examine the report and get strained. Samar over the telephone tells his companion that they will get an unmistakable simply after sweep reports come. Anu and Kavya implore god. Specialist educates Anu that there is interior injury and patient requirements prompt a medical procedure, asks his blood gathering. Anu and Kavya on the double say O positive. Baa solicitations to take her blood. Bapuji says her blood bunch is extraordinary and solicitations to take his blood. The specialist says he can’t because of his age and medical problem. Anu says even her blood bunch is O positive and she will give blood. Kavya says she is additionally O positive and is a lot more youthful and more grounded than Anu, so she will give blood. The specialist takes her in. Baa hollers at Anu that she didn’t give her blood and is rendering retribution from Vanraj. Anu solicitations to quit provoking, at any rate, today, she endured her insults for a very long time and will for an additional 25 years.

Anupama 4th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Anupama And Kavya Donate Their Blood To Vanraj

Pakhi cries at home and composes a note for Vanraj. Nandini comforts her and asks her to simply accept that her dad will be fine. Pakhi gestures yes. Back to the clinic, the specialist takes Vanraj on a cot towards activity theater/OT. Baa argues for Vanraj to open his eyes and asks what befell him. The specialist says they can just say after activity and brings him into OT. He begins activity and quickly coming out says they need more blood.

Kavya says she previously gave blood. The specialist says in some cases tolerant contrarily responds with a couple of individuals’ blood, they need blood right away. Anu solicitations to take her blood. The specialist takes her blood and expectations that her blood suits tolerance, else anything can occur. Sanjay trusts Anu’s blood suits Vanraj and requests that Samar keeps his companions educated as they may require more blood. Baa stresses saying don’t have the foggiest idea what’s going on inside. The medical attendant comes out and says Anu’s blood fit the patient’s body. Baa insults Kavya that even Vanraj’s body realizes what’s going on and right and inquires as to whether she is feeling woozy. Anu says no. Baa keeps provoking Anu. Specialist emerges from OT.

Baa inquires as to whether her child is fine. The specialist says a medical procedure worked out positively and the patient should be under perception for 24 hours, so 1 individual should remain quiet for the time being. Kavya says she will remain. The specialist says just a relative can remain. Baa says he is direct as pariahs look great external home, Anu dealt with Vanraj for 25 years and will proceed. The specialist says Mrs. Shah can remain and they all should leave. Bapuji reveals to Anu that Sanjay or Vanraj will remain outside if Anu needs any assistance. Anu says she will oversee. Baa leaves requesting that Kavya leave first. Anu reveals to Kavya that she will illuminate her when Vanraj awakens or she can call Vanraj at whatever point she needs as his telephone is with her.

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Samar gets back and seeing Nandini embraces her genuinely and says he thought he abhors his dad, however, he doesn’t; a dad child relationship is extraordinary, a child can be furious o father yet can’t despise him; his dad carried on with an incredible existence with family, yet now he has nothing; mummy went through 25 years with daddy, she burned through the greater part of her life around him, yet he sold out her; Baa handily requested mummy to remain with dad, yet didn’t understand what mummy experienced; its extremely hard for mummy, yet she will oversee. Back in the emergency clinic, Kavya discloses to Anu that she is remaining with Vanraj to deal with him and should show concern and not right. Anu says right is just Kavya’s, yet torment is everyones. Kavya says torment should be everyone’s, except Vanraj, is just hers. Anu says she remembered, and still, at the end of the day will recollect.

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