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Anupama 7th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Shah Family’s New Year Party

Anupama 7th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update Vanraj tells Anu that whatever happened at Toshu's wedding is not right.

Vanraj reveals to Anu that whatever occurred at Toshu’s wedding isn’t right and he is extremely upset about what Kavya did. Anu says she isn’t somewhat upset for whatever she did as it was about her child’s wedding, yet in the event that he met with a mishap hence, she is upset for that. He says she didn’t care for her coming here, so he will enlist a full-time overseer. She says Baa, Samar, and Pakhi are there are to deal with him. He asks even after how he dealt with her? She says their relationship finished totally and there is not much and he is only a child, father, sibling, and father-in-law in this house and that’s it. She leaves his room. Samar sees her and inquires as to whether something occurred. She says his granddad used to state dedication in the sanctuary, perpetual love in a graveyard, and love in issue occur for a brief timeframe yet never stay until the end of time.

Anupama 7th January 2021 Written Episode Update

He inquires as to for what reason is she advising this to him. She says she is reminding it to herself as in their nation they are instructed to fail to remember spouse’s greatest misstep, educated to believe husband’s tears of torment as tears of apologizing, educated to excuse husband after whatever he does; they are educated to believe husband’s determination as confidence and wife’s sense of pride as willfulness; presently everybody will advise her to fail to remember her better half as her significant other restored; this general public doesn’t give a wife directly on her torment, however, she will take her privilege at any cost; she even educated his daddy that she can’t be his significant other from hereon. Samar acclaims her and says however she is antiquated, her reasoning is generally current. She requests that he proceed to take care of his daddy. He says he isn’t arranged like her. She says he is courageous however and demands.

Samar takes khichdi to Vanraj and says once he completes khichdi, he ought to have medication; seeing his trouble takes care of him khichdi. When completed, Vanraj requests that he type a leave application on his telephone. Samar reluctantly concurs and composes leave application himself. Vanraj inquires as to whether he composed a leave application unexpectedly early. Samar says he is certainly not a clincher like Toshu Bhai, yet not a washout moreover. Vanraj requests that he accomplish one more work. Samar concurs and arrives at Kavya’s home. Kavya opens the entryway and asks what is he doing here if Vanraj is fine. Samar says Mr. Shah advised her to dare not meet him again or, more than likely he will take limiting court orders. She gets strained, however, acknowledges she is envisioning. He says he came to take Mr. Shah’s PC. She gives him a PC with a note composed on it for Vanraj to allow her to meet him once. Vanraj seeing that note furiously crimples it.

Pakhi strongly takes Anu to the parlor saying dad is calling. Vanraj accumulates entire family and says he needed to give amazement to them. Mamaji jokes and expresses gratitude toward him for his unexpected birthday celebration. Baa says his birthday is the following 4 months. Mamaji rehashes his typical joke, I know many recollect the. Vanraj says he needs to celebrate the new year as a year ago pummeled him and he endured outrages, embarrassment, public affront, his youngsters and guardians were irate on him and disappeared; even they needed to endure as a result of him; so he needs them all to fail to remember the past year and welcome new year with another expectation. Baa says on the off chance that he needs to commend, he ought to have educated her to enhance the house. Pakhi says she enlivened the house. Sanjay trusts individuals additionally change with the new year, pointing at Vanraj. Cart says the year has changed and allowed us to trust that circumstances will likewise change.

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Mamaji jokes and requests to begin the party. Pakhi demands Vanraj to sing a melody. Vanraj sings Haste Katjayen from Om Shanti Om movie..looking at Anu. Pakhi says this is an old melody, he ought to sing some new happening tune. He signs Dekho Hai Raat Badi mastani and stocks. Mamaji jokes he has gone on him. He says he recollects. Pakhi plays the tune and entire family copy and dance well. Samar hauls Anu and even she moves. Kavya figures V didn’t call her, so she will wish him a glad new year, however, when he doesn’t reply thinks he probably rested. After execution, the family cuts the cake and feeds one another. Vanraj takes care of everybody and strolls towards Anu anxiously, yet she leaves. Kavya at that point calls the landline, Sachi picks the call, and Kavya in the foundation hears family celebrating. Sachi tells the family that they will play a game where they will compose their desire in a chit and put it in a bowl. Samar composes that he gets both work and his adoration this year, Nandini composes that she makes a name through moving, Bapuji writes to keep his little girl/Anu glad, Anu writes to deal with both work and family well, Pakhi from Vanraj’s side composes just family.


Kinjal blows up seeing Vanraj and asks what is this man doing here after so much occurred, she won’t remain if this man remains here. Anu says they can’t renounce numerous different connections for only one, Kinjal is knowledgeable and ought to choose herself.

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