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Anupama 7th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Anupama Begins Her Rebelion

Anu emotionally tells Samar that she lost faith in herself for a second, but seeing his confidence in her, she will try the demonstration class once again. Vanraj rushes to the office. Kavya says the meeting is over as he was late and didn’t pick her call. Vanraj says he was driving and he worked hard on this presentation. Kavya asks him to relax as she didn’t take credit alone and handled it in her absence, she told they both made this presentation. He says it was solely his presentation. She says he is a typical MCP, has a typical male ego, which she cannot satisfy as she is not Anupama, now even Anupama is not tolerating him anymore. Vanraj blames everything on Anupama.

anupama written update 7 nov 2020
Anupama written update 7 Nov 2020

Nandini while getting her bicycle puncture repaired praises Samar for supporting Anu and encouraging her to take online classes. He says Vanraj is a hurdle that they have to cross. She says he is mature now and is handling situations maturely. He asks really. She says yes and leaves when the mechanic says punctured is fixed. Mechanic says looks like didi loves him and grabs more money.

Vanraj gets back and stands smoldering seeing Anu moving. Anu strolls to him and inquires as to whether he is astounded, ghungroos are not her trust to be broken consistently, he knows to break and she knows to rejoin; he can make an honest effort to break her, however, she won’t acknowledge annihilation or stop. Baa on supper table requests that Anu serve supper soon. Anu serves gobhi parantha. Baa inquires as to for what reason did she plan gobhi parantha as Vanraj doesn’t care for it. Anu says it’s for Baa as she loves gobhi parantha, the two of them overlooked their decision serving their family and should consider them too. Samar acclaims her turn. Baa gets some information about Vanraj. Anu says she set him up methi thepla.

On the opposite side, Kavya requests that Anirudh separate from him and he says until Vanraj acknowledges her finishes, and starts remaining with her, he won’t separate from her. Back at Vanraj’s home, he sits for supper and yells seeing gobhi paratha, inquires as to whether she made it deliberately to cause him to starve. She inquires as to for what reason would she do that. He says as a result of him and K..stops and leaves yelling he needn’t bother with it. Anu requests that Sweety take methi thelplas to father’s room. Vanraj gets Kavya’s message to meet her at this moment and leaves saying he will meet a companion.

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