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Peruse Episode Written Update: Anupama 2nd February 2021 Written Update Starts With Pakhi bidding farewell to Anupama. Sweety and Kavya leave. Anupama says she doesn’t mind what Kavya or Vanraj thinks about her yet it influences when Pakhi thinks of her as off-base. She says the say she will comprehend what is correct or wrong, she will return rushing to her. The following day, Kinjal and Anupama appeal to God in the kitchen. Kinjal inquires as to whether she has dance practice post-school. Anupama says indeed, she will get late today and stands quiet. Kinjal asks Anupama for what valid reason she is quiet. Anupama informs them she thinks regarding Pakhi as she is likewise partaking and she is upbeat Kavya is instructing her. Ahead, Anupama wishes Kinjal the best of luck for her office.

Kinjal reveals to Anupama that Kavya also will be there. Anupama advises Kinjal, that she is glad she has such a large amount of certainty. Anupama tells during their time they have been just educated to carry on appropriately and how to run the house. She advises Kinjal that she takes in a great deal from her age as well. Ahead, Kinjal inquires as to whether Vanraj answered her separation notice. Anupama gestures NO.


On the opposite side, Kavya sees Vanraj searching for work. Vanraj won’t take Kavya’s assistance when she extends to assistance in finding an employment opportunity. Kavya gets chafed and says Vanraj having a male sense of self in this manner he can’t take her assistance. Further, Vanrja gets a call from his chief. Kavya asks Vanraj what occurred. Vanraj reveals to Dholakia called him to take project subtleties he has completed up until now. Kavya says Kinjal also is coming today. Vanraj says subsequently Dholakia is calling him to affront him more. There, Leela takes care of curd and sugar to Kinjal and Paritosh. She requests that Anupama feed Kinjal and Paritosh.

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