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Anupamaa Written Update 11 Nov 2020: Bapuji opens eyes after operation

Bapuji opens eyes after activity. Vanraj holding his hand sincerely says in the event that he alarms him once more, he will battle with him. Bapuji says he will hit him. Baa enters and chastens Bapuji not to startle her once more. Anupama enters straightaway and sincerely addressing Bapuji solicits him not to think from cream rolls once more.Anupama written update 11 nov 2020

He says he will change the cream move’s name to bottle gourd. Vanraj yells at Anupama that due to her imprudence, Bapuji got a coronary episode; she probably gave something incorrectly to eat as she is out of the house more often than not. Baa blows up hearing that and asks where was he the previous evening, he was untraceable the entire night while bahu brought Bapuji to the emergency clinic, spared him, and was available alongside him the entire night.

The medical caretaker asks them not to make clamors in the patient’s room. Anu reveals to Baa let us go out and talk. Baa sincerely expresses gratitude toward her for sparing Bapuji. Anu additionally gets passionate and cries. Vanraj gets desirous seeing their holding.

Back home, Toshu and Samar examine Diwali beautifications. Vanraj prepares to leave for office. Kinjal comes in the vehicle and calls Anu. Baa asks Anu for what valid reason is Kinjal calling her. Anu says she needs to learn drive. Samar gets cheerful hearing that while Toshu races to Kinjal and contradicts that mummy doesn’t know to ride a bike. Kinjal says she will learn.

Anupama written update 11 nov 2020

He says what regarding her age. Kinjal says there is no age limit for learning and says he is acting like his dad. Samar underpins Kinjal. Vanraj hollers at Anu that she found another reason now, Bapuji is in hospital and she needs to get the hang of driving, she doesn’t know to ride a bike, by what method will she as her family couldn’t manage even that.

Baa shouts that she upheld Anu in the clinic and she is flying high, in the event that she needs to drive a taxi in Ahmedabad. Anu says she needs to pick up driving. Vanraj shouts that she is acting mischievously with Baa. Anu says she is even her Baa, she just. Baa says on the off chance that she is mentioning, her solicitation is dropped; she is making trouble with her significant other since endless days, she should focus on her family all things being equal; she was fine since 25 years and now is going over the edge; he child buckles down for the family.

Anu says even she manages her responsibility. Baa hollers to do just that and focus on her better half and youngsters. Anu says her kids are grown up now. Baa says she ought to pardon her better half’s misconduct and regard him, she is a lady and ought to figure out how to twist. Vanraj grins and inquires as to whether she heard what Baa is stating. Baa says a spouse will be in her better half’s heart just on the off chance that she twists.

Anupama written update 11 nov 2020

Anu says if the entryway is little, she needs to twist. Baa shouts she is insulting her significant other even now, she is meandering a great deal these days, Bapuiji is in medical clinic and Diwali is in transit. Anu says she generally dealt with Bapuji. Baa proceeds. Vanraj says let her go, she will return in 2 days, she doesn’t realize traffic light lights and without permit, she can’t. She says she got a student’s permit as of now yesterday.

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He hollers that she won’t get the hang of driving, figures he can’t let her educate Bapuji about his undertaking with Kavya and shouldn’t release her out; shouts she ought to be with Bapuji. Anu says whatever she is doing is for Bapuji, with the previous issue, she felt so powerless; she needs to set herself up for the unanticipated function like yesterday; she can comprehend Vanraj restricting, yet for what reason is she contradicting when she herself was available yesterday and realized what they experienced; she will take her gifts like consistently and will go, she can stop her on the off chance that she believes she isn’t right. Baa stands quietly while Anu leaves.

Toshu attempts to eliminate the Learning/L sticker from the vehicle saying dad won’t let maa out. Anu stops him. Toshu inquires as to whether Baa and Papa permitted him. Anu says she asked Baa and she didn’t answer yes or no. He gets some information about his father. She says she didn’t ask him. She supplicates god that she needs to pick up heading to serve Baa and Bapuji. Vanraj leaves and stands smoldering. Kinjal requests that her open vehicle and her destiny’s entryway. Samar says that simply like she is taking care of life’s guiding, she should deal with the vehicle’s directing. She gets keys and thinking back Bapuji’s coronary failure function says its chance to assume responsibility.

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