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Anupamaa Written Update 20th Jan Today’s Episode Watch : Vanraj Visits Kavya’s Place

Today we are going to talk about the serial update of serial TV serial Anupama on January 20, 2021 i.e. tonight’s episode. So the episode begins when Anupama tells Vanraj that their relationship is over now and she is no longer his wife. She says he can stay here until he is healed and he can return to Kavya. Anupama tells her that she will return the money from the washing machine. After saying all this, she leaves, what happens next? Remained to know this.

Anupama Written Update 20.01.2021

On the other hand, Samar sees Anupama using a washing machine and is happy. Anupama tells Samar everything, at the same time Leela comes to her and says that maybe now she should see Vanraj’s good because now he is changing. At the same time, Cheerful also comes and tells Leela not to try to pressure Anupama. Both of them start fighting each other when Anupama says that she cannot fight anymore.

Anupama Written Update 20.01.2021

The same Kavya insists on meeting Vanraj, Pakhi tells Vanraj he has to go to Nainital and he gives him permission. Everyone is shocked. Samar tells Nandni that he had read her diary even when Nandni gets angry.

Kinjal goes to the temple with Anupama and Vanraj also thinks of going to the temple with her, Anupama is surprised to see Vanraj, where the episode ends. Now send to see whether he will be able to go to the temple or not? Apart from this, we would like to know from you is your ideology about this serial? Comment by commenting in the comment box. Anupama stayed with us to know the updates of upcoming episodes.

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