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Anupamaa Written Updates 10th Nov : Anupama saves Hasmukh’s life!

The present scene begins with a specialist advising Anupama that Hasmuk has a brief period left. Anupama reviews Hasmuk’s statement and awards the authorization to the specialist to work with Hasmukh. The specialist asks Anupama to sign on the assent structure that peruses during activity on the off chance that anything happens to the patient than specialists are not answerable for that. Anupama reviews Hasmuk’s assertion where he referenced little girls are the shadow of Goddess Laxmi and their choice can not be right. She reviews Vanraj not accepting the call. Anupama signs on the paper.

Anupama 10 Nov Written Updates
Anupama 10 Nov Written Updates

Everybody appeals to God for Hasmuk. Leela, Samra, Anupama, and different reviews their second with Hasmuk and cries melody “Oo Palan Haare” plays out of sight.

Anupama implores God and solicits him to take care of Hasmukh. She says she previously lost her dad long back however she can’t lose Hasmuk. She petitions God for Hasmuk. Samar comes to Anupama and requests that she accompany him. Specialist illuminates to Anupama that activity is done however they can’t utter a word until Hasmuk recovers the cognizance. Paritosh wishes Vanraj may be here. Anupama hears Paritosh.

Afterward, Anupama goes to Kavya’s house and illuminates Vanraj about Hasmuk’s activity. Vanraj blows up on Anupama and asks him who took the activity choice without him. Anupama says she took the choice. Vanraj hurries to meet Hasmuk. He says to Anupama that she is uneducated and on the off chance that anything happens to his dad due to her choice then he won’t pardon her. The specialist comes and advises Vanraj that Anupama took the right choice due to which Hasmuk is out of threat. Vanraj stands shocked. Anupama gets loose. Paritosh chooses to advise at home.

Ahead, Anupama chooses to pick up driving. She asks Kinjal to help her in driving the vehicle. Kinjal asks Anupama for what good reason all unexpected she needs to get the hang of driving. Anupama laments she doesn’t have the foggiest idea how to drive and can help in desperation. She wants to get familiar with the vehicle to try not to get dependant on anybody. (Scene Ends)

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