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Anupamaa Written Updates 9th Nov: Anupama telling Samar that she has lost faith in him

Anupama’s scene starts with Anupama disclosing to Samar that she has lost confidence in him. However, since Samar takes a gander at her certainty, she attempts to show the class once more. Vanraj arrives at the workplace and Kavya illuminates him that the gathering is finished. Vanraj is vexed and says he buckled down for this introduction. Kavya reveals to him that he dealt with the introduction in his nonappearance and didn’t assume acknowledgment totally.

Kavya reveals to Vanaraj that in the introduction, both Vanraj and Kavya are working. Vanraj says this is his exclusive introduction. At that point, Vanaraj gets back and blows up observing Anupama move. Anupama approaches him and discloses to him he can attempt to break her, yet she never acknowledges her annihilation and never stops.

Anupamaa 9 November 2020 Written Updates
Anupamaa 9 November 2020 Written Updates

Then, Kavya requests that Anirudh dismember the witch. Anirudh answers that he isn’t a witch until Vanaraj completely acknowledges her and starts to live with her. At Vanraj’s home, Vanaraj comes to supper and sees Gobi Paratha. He chides Anupama and reveals to her that she purposely did it to make him hungry in light of the fact that Gobi Paratha didn’t care for him. Wanraj leaves.

Kavya messages Vanaraj and advises him to meet right away. Anupama meets Vanaraj Kavya and discloses to her that her life has been hellfire. Kavya discloses to Vanaraj that Anupama is flying high on account of her folks and requests that he educates her folks about them.

Afterward, Bapuji asks Anupama and Vanraj what is happening. He says that Anupama isn’t his dad and auntie. She can reveal to him when she’s agreeable. Bapuji says he will be with Anupama.

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