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Barrister Babu 20th January 2021 Written Updates: Sampurna’s Mother Inflames Her

Today we are going to talk about the serial update of serial TV serial barrister Babu on 20 January 2021 i.e. tonight’s episode. Tonight at 8:30 on Colors TV you will see Mama and Mami arrive at the mansion and see that the entire mansion is decorated like a bride. Then Mami arrives at Sampoorna’s room and sees that Samporana is in love but she is not wearing jewelry nor is she wearing a Banarasi saree. What is going to happen next in the serial? We will tell you further about this, stay tuned with us.

Barrister Babu Written Update 20th Jan Today Episode

When Mami sees that the entire is ready but she is not wearing jewelry and Banarasi saree, on which Mami says that if you will love this way then what respect will you get? You must also be ready like a mistress. If you do not wear all this, how will you feel like a mistress and you will not get respect even with a mistress.

Barrister Babu 20th January 2021 Written Updates

Indian At the same time, Bondita comes to Sampoorna with a lot of jewels and says that look how many jewels I have brought for you Sister, on which Mamma says do not call Samporani Siddhi because she seems to be your mother now It’s like your mother-in-law.

After that you will get to see that Mami calls Bondita that Trilochana Kaka should also be present in this ritual, to bless her. Then Bondita says that Kaka’s father-in-law will come and give blessings. On this, Mami says that Sampurna is his elder brother’s wife, so how will she touch her feet.


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Then Bondita will go to convince Kaka’s father-in-law and after that, you will see that Anirudh and Bondita will give a great dance performance. At the same time, Sampoorna also reaches the jewel-laden rasam, and Mami recalls that while seeking blessings from Kaka’s father-in-law, she asked for the key of the vault Now it will be very interesting to see. This was tonight Barrister Babu written update of 20th January 2021. Stay tuned with us to learn about similar episodes.

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