Live : Kerala Bhagyakuri Pooja Bumper lottery Result BR-76 today 15-11-20 Bumper Lottery Result

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The wait is over now, sitting at home, check your Pooja lottery results. Like every year, this year also Kerala lottery department has brought the Pooja Bumper Lottery Result for you. Know the result of your lottery in the period of this pandemic sitting online. We are here to help you, now you can know the results of your Pooja lottery online every time sitting at your own home.

An opportunity in which you can win crores of rupees by claiming your luck in a very short time. Like every time, the Kerala Lottery Department has brought for you a bumper gift and a bounty. Which can not only make you happy but can fulfill any of your dreams. Get a chance to fulfill your dreams while sitting at home.

Like every time the result of the Kerala Bumper Lottery will be announced both online and offline. While presenting it as a responsible citizen in this period, keep your country and your society safe from this pandemic. Now get all the live updates of the lottery right from home.

Pooja Bumper Lottery BR 76

Pooja Bumper Lottery Price Ticket, Launch Date & Winning Prize Structure in 2020

Kerala Lottery Department launched Pooja Bumper Lottery every year on the occasion of Diwali. Buy a ticket of only ₹ 150 on 15 November 2020. And can win crores of rupees and can fulfill your dreams. All your information will be made available on the website of our Kerala Lottery Department. With a nominal ticket of ₹ 150, you can get a chance to fulfill your promises.

Below are the details of the Pooja Bumper Lottery (BR-76) Prize Structure:



DATE OF DRAW:-  15 NOV 2020

1st Prize
Details of Prize Common to all series
Amount of Prize (Rs.) 5,00,00,000
No.of Prizes 1
Total Prize Amount  (Rs.) 5,00,00,000
2nd Prize
Details of Prize One Prize in each Series
Amount of Prize (Rs.) 50,00,000
No.of Prizes 5
Total Prize Amount  (Rs.) 2,50,00,000
3rd Prize
Details of Prize Two Prizes in each Series
Amount of Prize (Rs.) 5,00,000
No.of Prizes 10
Total Prize Amount  (Rs.) 50,00,000
4th Prize
Details of Prize Last Five digits to be drawn once
Amount of Prize (Rs.) 1,00,000
No.of Prizes Up to 45
Total Prize Amount  (Rs.) Up to 45,00,000
Details of Prize Last Four digits to be drawn 20 times
Amount of Prize (Rs.) 5,000
No.of Prizes Up to 9000
Total Prize Amount  (Rs.) Up to 4,50,00,000
6th Prize
Details of Prize Last four digits to be drawn 15 times
Amount of Prize (Rs.) 3,000
No.of Prizes Up to 6750
Total Prize Amount  (Rs.) Up to 2,02,50,000
7th Prize
Details of Prize Last four digits to be drawn 30 times
Amount of Prize (Rs.) 1,000
No.of Prizes Up to 13500
Total Prize Amount  (Rs.) Up to 1,35,00,000
8th Prize
Amount of Prize (Rs.) 500
No.of Prizes Up to18000
Total Prize Amount  (Rs.) Up to 90,00,000

9th Prize

Information of Prize Last and most recent Four digits to be drawn 100 times
Amount of Prize (Rs.) 200
No.of Prizes Up to 45000
Total Prize Amount  (Rs.) Up to 90,00,000
Consolation prize All Five series Rs.1,00,000/-

Results will be announced on 15 November 2020, thousands of people wait for this result every year. In this lottery, we give a reward of up to 5 crores to the first place recipient. 4 people who get a second place are awarded 50 lakhs.


What are you waiting for attached yourself to Pooja Bumper lottery “A Golden Opportunity”?

If you find any kind of inconvenience in checking the result, then due to some technical problems that may remain on the site, there may be a problem here. Keep your patience, all of you, regardless of your mind, the result of this site. If you are purchasing pooja Bumper lottery results so you can get a golden opportunity to win the crores of the amount in just 150 rs. if you’ll win the first prize of Kerala Bhagyakuri Pooja Bumper Lottery Result so you can fulfill you all dreams without any tension.

Kerala Bhagyakuri Pooja Bumper Lottery BR 76 2020

Where you can check the Bhagyakuri Pooja Bumper lottery Result BR 76?

You can check this result on the website of the Kerala Lottery Department from your phone mobile or PC. You just have to keep your patience and you will surely get a good result. And you can visit on and check the Kerala Pooja Bumper lottery Result from Live Updates.

The Kerala Lottery Department organizes such a lottery on the occasion of Diwali. Every year gives you a golden opportunity to try your luck, you will definitely prove lucky in it.

You can see the structure of the reward from above. The reward for all positions is shown above.  Live update stays with us you will get all your query to solve here. Now you can easily access the result of the pooja bumper lottery award. In this pandemic, we need to act as a responsible citizen and By staying at home. It is time to prove ourselves as responsible.

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Kerala Bhagyakur Pooja Bumper Lottery Result BR 76 Live Updates
1st Prize – Rs.5,00,00,000/- (Rs.5 Crores) –
Coming Soon
Consolation Prize – Rs.1,00,000/-
Coming Soon
2nd Prize – Rs.50,00,000/-
Coming Soon
3rd Prize – Rs. 5,00,000/-
Coming Soon
4th Prize- Rs. 1,00,000/-
Coming Soon
5th Prize- Rs. 5,000/-
Coming Soon
6th Prize- Rs. 2,000/-
Coming Soon
7th Prize- Rs. 1,000/-
Coming Soon

8th Prize- Rs. 500/-
Coming Soon

Note: Check the New result of the Pooja Bumper Lottery after Every Refresh & If you can’t see then wait some seconds for new updates.  

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