Bhojpuri Actress Trisha Kar Madhu Private Video MMS Viral Full Explained Story

Bhojpuri cinema’s actress Trishakar Madhu is in discussion these days about the leak of her private video. According to media reports, MMS videos of Trishakar Madhu were leaked which are becoming increasingly viral on the internet. Along with these videos, some audio also went viral. In which Trishakar Madhu is seen with a boy and is also heard talking

Trishakar Madhu is often dominated by Bhojpuri cinema for bold and hot photo videos. But this time there is a ruckus on social media due to the leak of Trisha’s MMS video. After this news spreads, Trishakar Madhu himself reacted. He reacted to the matter by doing several tweets and Facebook Live.


Trishakar Madhu reacted on social media saying, “God sees everything, makes my private video vial to bring me down, marries someone with your sister, and makes the honeymoon video viral the next day.”. I did not know whether there are so many dirty and lousy people living in Bihar.
Not only this, Trishakar Madhu, saddened by the leak of private video audio, also came live and spoke. He cried and said that he could not understand what to do. There are people spreading such filth, they cannot believe it.
Trisha Kar Madhu Viral video Twitter Reaction
Trisha Kar Madhu Viral video Twitter Reaction

More than 100 videos uploaded

According to media reports, these videos of Trishakar Madhu were uploaded more than 100 times after it surfaced. Regarding this, Trisha wrote on Twitter, I appeal to the people that if you guys are my supporters, then please remove the video, and do not jump it. You also have a mother and sister in your house.

Trollers asked for gender for private video, Trishakar Madhu replied

People created a lot on social media when some users started asking for links to videos from the actress. In such a situation, Trishakar Madhu said – How are people, a link is being sought for a video of a woman’s character destruction, I do not want to give Padua to those who ask for a female link, but I will definitely say that while asking for the link, remember Mother sister will also be at your home. Salute to malevolent India.

Trisha Kar Madhu Viral video Twitter Reaction
Trisha Kar Madhu Viral video Twitter Reaction

Did Trisha herself make the video?

Many users alleged that Trisha made these videos herself or it was being done for publicity. On this the Bhojpuri actress said that you people are saying that you have made videos yourself, yes both of us had made videos but I did not know that tomorrow I am going to be cheated. Someone will fall so low to bring someone down. Didn’t know this.

deceived in love

Trishakar Madhu said that he was deceived in love and taking advantage of his love, his partner leaked his MMS video. She writes I have lost faith in this male caste, I unknowingly moved towards love, I wanted my love from my heart, with the view of making a private video viral with me, God will never forgive him
God will not do it, only God will punish for the loss of character of a woman.

Trisha’s account

Let us tell you that all these things said by Trisha have been written on the Twitter handle @TrishaKarMadhu. This account is not verified so this account cannot be verified.

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