Bianca Valerio Instagram Video After being assault last year CCTV Footage & Viral Video Online Full Details Explained

Bianca Valerio Instagram Video After being assault last year CCTV Footage & Viral Video Online Full Details Explained:- Bianca Valerio, who is a famous Versatile way of life known for introducing a portion of the well-known brands on the planet like Jimmy Choo, Zara, Uniqlo, Samsung, and some more. Right now, the host is getting the monstrous notice of individuals all over the planet after her Instagram post opened up about a dim moment of her life. As per the sources, the host, Bianca uncovered that she was physically attacked by a man when she was welcoming to a private occasion she was facilitating on June 23, 2021. The video post in which the speaker told about the clouded side of her life.

Since the video was posted on her authority Instagram page, she has turned into a point among her friends and family, and fans all over the planet. Alongside the video, Bianca likewise wrote in a subtitle,” I WAS SEXUALLY ASSAULTED last June 23, 2021, by a specific male person. He was one of the visitors at a cozy private party I was recruited to have for. I had never seen, met, or known about this man before that evening. He let me know he was working for an extremely well-known versatile application”. All things considered, Bianca didn’t take the name of the assailant however depicted him as “this cuddly teddy bear who was really the Mr. PR he is known to be”.

Bianca Valerio Instagram Video

On March 31, 2022, Bianca Valerio took her authority Instagram account and posted a video of herself making sense of the entire occurrence that occurred with her on an occasion on June 23, 2021. She shouted out about her experience of being physically attacked and purportedly by an obscure man she met at a private party wherein she was recruited for facilitating the occasion on June 23, 2021.

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She proceeded,” I was just made mindful, after he physically attacked me, that first, he was never really welcome to the party I facilitated… For the very same reasons, I am shouting out today. Supposedly, I am one of a large number of his casualties as the year’s progress. Also, this individual is really an indicted criminal, a man with a crook record, from as far back as 2014″.

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Tending to the assailant, she said,” I have endured many domineering jerks like you all through my life… I never asked you for anything that evening. I never requested that you get me a beverage. I never asked you for wallet credits. I never asked you for a ride home. I never asked you for opiates”.

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Who is Bianca Valerio?

After they experienced that entire evening, the injury went on for quite a while with her and the occurrence made her inquiry her own behavior and even she accused herself.

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A 28-years of age Versatile way of life have known for introducing a portion of the world’s famous brands like Jimmy Choo, Samsung, and Zara too. Bianca has been introducing everything from exhibitions to interviews. She started her vocation as a runway and print model and furthermore become a Disciplinary Officer of the Professional Models Association of the Philippines. She has been drawing in enormous fame via virtual entertainment too and has more than 37K supporters via online entertainment.

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