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Bigg Boss 14 Today Written Updates 21st January 2021: Rakhi Sawant upset with Rubina-Abhinav,

Rakhi Sawant is part of Rubina's team. The way Nikki is supporting Rubina's team, in the same way Ali and Rahul want Rakhi Sawant to support them.

In the reality show Bigg Boss 14 these days the task is going on regarding the food items. In which the family members have been divided into two teams. This task started on Tuesday and went on like this on Wednesday. Nikki Tamboli is engaged in winning the team of Rubina and Abhinav in this task. She is repeatedly going inside the house to get Rubina’s team a point. Rakhi Sawant feels bad about Rubina and Abhinav talking to Nikki about the task. Because of which she is upset with both.

Rakhi Sawant is part of Rubina’s team. The way Nikki is supporting Rubina’s team, in the same way, Ali and Rahul want Rakhi Sawant to support them. Both of them are trying to turn Rakhi on their side. Abhinav thinks that she will cheat him in the task, seeing Rakhi joking with Ali and Rahul. But Rakhi is upset with both husband and wife.

Sitting in the bedroom, Rakhi angrily tells Rubina that you are paying more attention to Nikki. You did not even hug me. With the words of Rakhi, Hurt Rubina tells them that you should see who does care and who really does it. Abhinav Shukla drags Rakhi’s leg over this.

In Wednesday’s episode, householders have gone mad over food. Finally, 5 cake pieces are sent to the family by Big Boss. Because of this cake, everyone wants to go inside. Nikki goes inside first. Along with Nikki, Devolina, and then Ali also enter. Devolina, Ali, Vikas Gupta quarrel with Nikki over the cake. Vikas also tries to snatch the cake from Nikki. Finally, Ali starts fighting with him accusing him of promoting Nikki.

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