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Bigg Boss 14, Weekend Ka Vaar 17 Jan 2021, Day 105 Written episode: Salman Khan’s fierce class for Sonali

Bigg Boss 14 day 105: Sonali Phogat and Rubina Dilac had a fierce fight in the last episode in Bigg Boss house. During this, Sonali abused Rubina.

Sonali Phogat’s anger once again starts in Big’s house. Rubina Dilac has accused Sonali of stealing her make-up salmon. Rubina is upset with Sonali. At the same time, Sonali gets into an argument with Nikki. Ali Goni and Arshi Khan talk about Sonali. Ali says that Sonali should go to her house now and if that happens then it will be beneficial for Sonali.

Salman Khan takes entry on Bigg Boss weekend. He congratulates Lohri and Makar Sankranti and then tells about the family. He explains that today the public will question the family. After this, Salman Khan encounters the members of the house. Salman Khan explains to Rakhi Sawant that one should remain within his realm. Salman Khan says to Rakhi that his good work has been praised but now he has exceeded his limits. Rakhi apologizes, saying that a mistake was made.

Bigg Boss 14 17 January Written Updates 2021

Salman Khan says that the public will ask you questions. The viewer asks Sonali Phogat about his love for Ali Goni. To this, she gives her answer. During this, Salman Khan pulls Sonali’s leg, and the family laughs. Another viewer questions Sonali about throwing food on the bed of Nikki Tamboli. Sonali also gives her answer on this.

Salman Khan asks Sonali Phogat that he abused Rubina Dilac. Sonali says that she abused Rubina because she dragged her daughter in the middle but Salman Khan denies it and says that the show is watching your baby girl too. It suits you.

At the behest of Salman Khan, Nikki Tamboli says that Sonali Phogat threatens the outside and says that her brothers will be seen outside. This power of theirs, their power. Salman Khan angrily tells Sonali that you will be threatened outside. What will you do, tell me. What will your brothers do? Sonali says that she has not spoken outside and if she has spoken, it will be shown to them. Salman Khan says that you have shown everything that you have spoken outside. At the same time, Abhinav Shukla, Rubina Dilac, Rakhi Sawant and Nikki also say that Sonali has said so.
Bigg Boss 14 17 January Written Updates 2021
Sonali Phogat becomes emotional and says she is not in control. Salman Khan says that this house is only for control. You have not seen the first season of Bigg Boss. Salman Khan says that as he controls, so will you.
Salman Khan now targets Rahul Vaidya and Ali Goni. He talks to both of them on the issue of planning for the challengers. After this, Salman Khan talks about the fight between Sonali Phogat and Rubina Dilac. Ali and Rahul take turns to say this. Salman Khan says that everyone is playing their own game in this house.
Salman Khan comes across a tearing issue of Sonali Phogat. Salman Khan tells Arshi why he felt so bad. Arshi says Sonali is his friend. Meanwhile, Salman Khan brings up the issue of Vikas Gupta and Kashmirira Shah.

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