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Bigg Boss 15 Episode 14th January 2022 Who Got Ticket To Finale Pratik or Tejasswi?

Check Who Will Be In The Grand Finale of Bigg Boss 15 House Find Out Today & Task Winner Between Pratik and Tejasswi Watch BB 15 14-1-2022 Episode.

Hi, all the diversion sweethearts, your top choice and practically astonishing TV unscripted TV drama Bigg Boss 15 is prepared to cause you to feel incredibly again through the coming broadcasts. Indeed, the fourteenth January 2021 episode is going to be overpowering and adequately sensational, as the cycle making task has accepted the most exceedingly awful face as the housemates are getting rough to get the triumph at any expense since it is driving the TTF (Ticket To Finale) last time and thusly, nobody might want to botch the opportunity, subsequently, many conflicts are prepared to set the fire among them.

The new episode starts where, Tejasswi Prakash and Pratik Sehajpal are going up to the degree to get the TTF, as Tejasswi hits his hand when he comes to grab the cycle parts from her for obliterating. In the interim, Tejasswi charges that he is coming on here in the most exceedingly terrible way to get the cycle, however in the midst of this, she isn’t considering her issue to be she continues to hit his arm while playing the errand in spite of knowing, that it is adequately improper. In any case, Pratik likewise says that she is fouling up things to get the TTF which is unjustifiable, and requests that Shamita see everything.

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Bigg Boss 15 Episode

  • Pratik vs Tejasswi who will get the TTF.
  • Tejasswi alleged Pratik for inappropriate action.
  • Pratik gets hit by Tejasswi Prakash.

Afterward, Rakhi Sawant passes such comments on the relationship of Tejasswi and Karan Kundra by saying that, Karan has such with her in any case his likewise consideration was gotten another young lady, whose name she doesn’t unveil. Then, at that point, Tejasswi goes to Karan and discusses the realities which Rakhi Sawant has told her, where Karan becomes suddenly angry at her and says that assuming she doesn’t confide in him so there is no compelling reason to bring their relationship ahead on the grounds that it would be unreasonable for the two.

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In the earlier episode, as the watchers have streamed that cycle task reported by the Bigg Boss while making Shamita as ahead of the undertaking, what’s more, one thing is additionally evident that Shamita’s choice will be the last and no contentions will be allowed ahead too. Be that as it may, regardless of this, a couple of housemates claimed her as a one-sided one, who doesn’t have her own musings. In the meantime, Shamita additionally answers that assuming something is here like they are saying as much, Bigg Boss didn’t make her overseer of the assignment.

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