Burbon biscuitss Size Tweet & Answer Viral on Twitter know Full Details and Memes

The size of Britannia Bourbon Biscuit is being discussed on social media these days. Many people gave their own reaction while tweeting on this, but the company denied this with great humility and gave its answer.

Even today, there are many such people in the world whose morning tea and biscuits remain incomplete. This combination is perfect to freshen up your mood in the morning. Now, although tea lovers are often discussed on social media, but these days there are biscuit lovers in the discussion. As we all know that Britannia Bourbon Biscuit is loved by everyone, whether it is a child or a grown-up. The biggest reason for this is its test and size which entices the customers. In recent times, the discussion is happening only about its size.

In fact, it happened that senior journalist Veer Sanghvi expressed his apprehension about the size of Bourbon biscuits from his Twitter handle. He tweeted, ‘This may be just my imagination (or greed), but were not earlier biscuits longer.’

After this tweet went viral, Britannia also tried to remove it in a very funny way. He tweeted, ‘There is no change in the size of Veer Biscuit, but we know that the expectations are big.’

This series of questions and answers did not stop here, after this Sanghvi asked, “Since when has there been no change?” To which Britannia replied, “At least for the last 6 years, Veer and we hope you are consuming us more than ever.”

At the moment the discussion was going on on this issue that Trinamool Congress MP Mahua Moitra also joined it, she tweeted from her handle and wrote, ‘I agree Veer! But one thing bothers me a lot that my childhood favorite Orange Cream Biscuit is no longer available. Please bring that back, Britannia.’

After which many more users also joined this discussion, who supported Veer with his funny tweet. A user named Sanjay JK said, ‘A simple Google search would indicate that Britannia Bourbon biscuits used to be longer.’

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