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ByteDance TikTok New CEO Shouzi Chew Full Details Wiki Bio Images & More

Shau Ji Chew is a resident of Singapore and will work closely with Tittock-owned company BiteDance where he will hold the position of Financial Officer.

Popular video-sharing platform TikTok has elected Shou Ji Chew, who lives in Singapore, as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Chew is a Singaporean and will work closely with BiteDance, a company owned by TickTock, where he will hold the position of Financial Officer. Chew said in a statement that we will continue to build our strong and deep management team, as we are ready to move to the next stage of success of TickTalk.

Tennetock interim chief Vanessa Pappas, who led the company on an interim basis, has been appointed to the post of Chief Operating Officer (COO) on the interim basis following the abrupt resignation of the company’s CEO Kevin Mayer last year.

Byton’s founder and CEO Yiming Zhang said that Shau has better knowledge of the company and the industry and has led a team from one of our early investors. Shau ​​will further strengthen our team and take long-term business initiatives along with corporate governance.

This app has gained a lot of popularity in America in the last few years. In 2019, it has kept a distance from Beijing when the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) placed an inquiry on the safety and handling of users’ personal data on this TikTok. But questions are still being raised about this.

Please tell that Ticketcock features short videos. People make music and dance videos in it, due to which it has gained a lot of popularity. Research firm eMarketer has estimated that TicketLock will acquire 73 million American users this year.

Last year, this app was banned in India including India. Donald Trump and his officials were insisting that TicTalk be completely shut down and told to sell it to Oracle and Walmart. However, Biden later put a halt to these efforts.

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