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Candy (Voot) Web Series Cast and Crew, Release Date, Actor and More

Complete information about Candy Web Series Cast has been provided by us in the surgical below, if you want any kind of information started due to this movie, then you can read our article.

Candy Web Series (Voot) Cast

  1. Ronit Bose Roy
  2. Richa Chadha
  3. Manu Rishi Chadha
  4. Gopal Datt
  5. Nakul Roshan Sahdev
  6. Riddhi Kumar

Candy Web Series Release Date 

Talking about the release date of Candy Web Series, this TV serial will start releasing from the day of September 2021, you will get to see the TV serial daily from September 28, apart from this, if due to any reason, the release date of this movie If changed, we will update the same on the website

Voot Candy Web Series

How and Where to watch Bade Candy Web Series 

If you want to watch this TV serial, you are wondering where you will get to see it, then let us inform you about this TV serial, you will get to see this TV serial on the Voot app, from September 2021 onwards, Sony TV’s official TV serial will be available continuously. You can watch it on the channel.

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