Chhatrasal Stadium Sagar Dhankad Murder Case: RS50 Thousand Announced on Sushil Kumar and his Friend

Sagar Dhankad Murder Case: The role of Sushil Kumar and Ajay in the evidence found by the Delhi Police in the incident of murder and attempted murder at the Chhatrasal Stadium, seemed suspicious from the beginning.

Delhi Police has announced a cash reward of one lakh on the arrest of Olympian wrestler Sushil Kumar who has been absconding since the incident in the sensational murder case at Delhi’s Chhatrasal Stadium, while helping in the arrest of his other absconding accused Ajay. Delhi Police will give a reward of 50 thousand rupees to the doer. This huge prize money has been announced late Monday on the arrest of both absconding accused. The announcement of this prize money has also been confirmed by the North West District Deputy Commissioner of Police on Monday late night.

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Late Monday night, District DCP Usha Rangnani said, “We have many teams in search of Sushil Pahalwan and his absconding partner Ajay. Non-bailable warrants have also been issued against both of them from the court. Despite all this, the accused were running away from the police. Therefore, different prize amounts have been announced for the arrest of the two absconding accused. A cash reward of one lakh rupees will be given by Delhi Police to Sushil Kumar’s arrest or who gives a strong clue about him, while Delhi Police will give a reward of 50 thousand on the arrest of his other partner Ajay who is absconding with him.

Sushil Kumar was suspicious from the beginning in this murder case

From the beginning, the role of Sushil Kumar and Ajay in the evidence obtained by the Delhi Police in the murder and attempted murder incident at Chhatrasal Stadium seemed suspicious from the beginning. In search of Sushil and Ajay and their other absconding associates, Delhi Police had been beating hands since the incident. Meanwhile, there were reports that Sushil is mostly hiding in Haryana and Uttarakhand areas. The teams of Delhi Police were also getting their mobile locations in these areas. Delhi Police claims that it left no stone unturned to arrest Sushil and his absconding associates. It is a different matter that even after this, the teams of Delhi Police did not find a running Sushil wrestler nor he got Ajay.

A non-bailable warrant has been issued against both the accused

Ultimately, the police got a non-bailable warrant issued against the two accused from a Delhi court two to three days in advance, so that the police could strengthen themselves legally for the arrest of Sushil and Ajay. Also, one of the tactics of the police behind obtaining non-bailable warrants was that once the non-bailable warrant is issued, the ongoing Sushil wrestler and his companions will be mentally under pressure. However, nothing like this happened. Even after the non-bailable warrant, when the main accused could not be controlled, on Monday night, the Delhi Police had to announce the reward of one lakh and 50 thousand on the arrest of Sushil Pehalwan and his partner Ajay Kumar.

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