Clayton Osteen and Victoria Pacheco Love Story Explained: How to Help Baby Jayce GoFundMe Page

Clayton Osteen and Victoria Pacheco Love Story Explained: How to Help Baby Jayce GoFundMe Page: A heartbreaking occurrence has occurred in St Lucie County that breaks the core of the whole country. The country is at present grieving the death of Victoria Pacheco and Clayton Osteen who were St. Lucie County sheriff’s representatives in Florida and both made the uncommon stride and end their own lives. They were the guardians of a 1-month-old child, the sheriff uncovered on the third of January 2022, news discharge. There is a GoFundMe page made to help the small kid of the couple whose name is Jayce Osteen. Gifts are likewise being acknowledged through the Sheriff’s Department. Individuals are mentioned and taught to call attention to that the gift is for Jayce Ostenn if utilizing the page of the Sheriff’s Department.

Clayton Osteen and Victoria Pacheco Love Story

An overall will embrace the stranded youngster according to the reports of People Magazine. A Facebook post brought up that the relative is the sibling of Osteen who is additionally a Sheriff’s Deputy. Osten died first and Pacheco killed herself after he was taken off life support. He was a tactical veteran, and their end has left friends and family and the law implementation and Marine Corps people group shattered.

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St. Lucie Sheriff Ken J. Mascara pronounced the two deaths in an assertion presented on the Facebook page of the office. The assertion peruses “Today, the individuals from the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office worry about the concern of an extremely weighty heart as we share with you the heartbreaking passing of 2 of our agents: Deputy Victoria Pacheco and Deputy Clayton Osteen.”

How to Help Baby Jayce GoFundMe Page

The assertions further added “just before New Year, in a matter of seconds preceding the 12 PM, our office reacted to a call where we discovered that Deputy Osteen, who was off the clock at that point, attempted to end his own life. On Sunday, second January, Deputy Osteen’s family settled on the extremely difficult choice to eliminate him from life support.”

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Earlier today “we got to realize that Deputy Pacheco, who imparted a 1-month old child to Deputy Osteen, took her own life right after the destruction of Deputy Osteen. Words can’t communicate the huge misfortune we as a whole vibe in the wake of losing these 2 individuals from our Sheriff’s Office family.”

A woman named Kelly Riddle set up a GoFundMe page to help the youthful child of the couple, Jayce. It is designated “Fabricate a Brighter Future for Jayce Osteen.”

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