Davy Chan Singapore Shoot-Out: Ex-Cop Who Was Hit In The Neck In 1972 Shoot-Out Video CCTV Footage Viral

These days, new cases are heard on social media, but this time a case has come to the fore which happened almost 50 years ago. Yes, in 1972, there was a case of a person being shot in the neck. For your information, let us tell you that this incident happened with Davy Chan, who is now once again in the headlines because recently he shared an unforgettable incident with him. Let’s know the whole matter. So, if you know the proper information related to the case then keep reading the article. Stay Tuned Website for Latest News Our Daily Updates

Davy Chan Singapore Shoot-Out

As we told, there is a news which is trending these days, it is not new or fresh, it was an old matter which has arrived once again. And it is getting lots of attention of people in the course of time, we want to tell you that it is about an ex-cop from the Singapore, who has been center of attraction after he got involved in one fo the incident, which took place 50 years ago. Yes, it is a long time, the cop was shot in the neck in the 1972 shootouts. His name is being claimed by Davy Chan, who was a security operational supervisor.

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Chan faced a lot of problems in his life and faced every situation for which, in 1976, he was awarded the Police Gallantry Medal for his bravery. It was reported that Chan remembered his own brush after receiving news of an incident between the police and the knife-wielding man on Bendemir Road. The collision resulted in the latter being shot. Chan said it is the duty of police officers to protect life and property and that the public is trained to protect them from any trouble. “If they take the chance, they may lose their lives or an innocent may be killed,” he said.

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As of now, netizens are showing a good amount of interest to know more about this which is why they are searching for more details related to this incident. At the time of his death, he was 75 years old, he was shot along with one of the most wanted men in Singapore whose name is Mustapha Hassan. Hassan was involved in several crimes in his life along with his brother whose name was Abdul Wahab. For more latest updates stay connected with us, we will be right back with viral news.

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