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On 12 Sep Government launched their E-Gopala mobile application to provides the platform to farmers in this country to manage their livestock including buying and selling of disease-free germplasm in all forms(semen, embryos, and many more), availability of the quality of breeding services (Artificial Insemination, veterinary first aid, vaccination, treatments, etc) and guiding farmers for animal nutrition, Treatment of animal, using appropriate ayurvedic medicine/ethnoveterinary medicine. There is a mechanism to send an alert (on the due date for vaccination, pregnancy diagnosis, calving, etc) and inform farmers about various government schemes.

e-Gopala App: To get every information related to animal husbandry, download the e-Gopal app, learn special features

The Central Government is making every effort to increase the income of farmers and livestock. The government wants to make the agriculture sector self-sufficient and for this, it is constantly promoting livestock. The government believes that if the modern technologies and digital medium are adopted in the agriculture sector, then this target can be met soon. In this episode, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched the e-Gopala App for the cattle rearing farmers. Animal husbandry information can be obtained very easily through this app.

What is the e-Gopala app?

This app is a platform through which cattlemen can get small and big information related to animal husbandry. This will help a lot in increasing production.

How to Download E-Gopala App

  • You can download this app from Google Playstore.
  • You can register on this app with your registered mobile number.
  • Get all information in your Mobile
  • You can manage livestock

6 Important Features in E-Gopala App

  • Animal nutrition
  • Ayurvedic medicine system
  • My animal base
  • Alert
  • See Events
  • Cattle market

In the below section you can learn more about the explanation of these 6 important Features in the e-Gopala application.

Animal Nutrition:- Here you will be given information about animal nutrition.

E-Gopala App Animal Husbandry

Ayurvedic system of medicine:- Through this option, you can get information about diseases and treatment of your animals.

My cattle base- Through this, farmers can see the information of all their old and new animals.

Alert: – In this option, farmers will continue to get information about the dates of vaccination of their animals.

See the event:- In this, farmers can get information about the nearest vaccination camp or training program.

Animal Market:- Through this option, farmers get information about artificial insemination technicians and the sale of semen of good breed animals.

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