Eijaz khan and Pavitra Punia Married News Images Photos & More

As you all know, both of these Valentine’s Day weeks are going on. Be it the celebrities of the Bollywood industry or the common people, everyone is making Valentine’s Day with great pomp. There are many well-known stars in the television industry and Bollywood industry who gather headlines on social media every day. But these days, two contestants of Colors TV’s most popular reality show Bigg Boss season 14, Ejaz Khan and Pavitra Punia are in a lot of discussion about their relationship. Ejaz Khan and Pavitra tell when they are going to get married? Stayed with us to know the answer to this question.

When will Ejaz Khan and Pavithra get married?

Ejaz Khan and Pavitra expressed their love for each other in Bigg Boss season 14 house. After expressing love, the two have now decided to get married to each other, Ejaz Khan and Pavithra’s fans are very happy to announce the wedding before Valentine’s Day. Ejaz Khan and Pious Punia have revealed about their marriage. Both of them have disclosed this in a conversation with the Times of India.

Eijaz khan and Pavitra Punia Married News Images Photos & More

Not only did Khan and Pavithra reveal about their marriage, but both of them have made a lot of revelations about their relationship, Pavitra expresses her love to Ejaz Khan saying that ‘I believe love feels very beautiful. We both realize this. We both used to fight in Bigg Boss house, but despite this, we both had a lot of experiences for each other. When both of us have come out of Bigg Boss house, both of them have expressed love to each other.

On the other hand, Ijaz Khan says that I had expressed my feeling in Bigg Boss house, that I love Pavitra. I have accepted the Holy One after coming out of the house. Ijaz Khan said about his marriage that ‘there are too many papad’s to be made for marriage. Inshallah will be married and will be at the right time. If everything goes well, then both of us will get married this year. Right now the homes of both of us are spread a little, first cover them and then think about marriage.

Pavitra says to marry Ejaz Khan that ‘things will happen very soon. We cannot predict our future, but we can hope and wish for the future. ‘It will be very interesting to see when the two are going to be in a sacred relationship, to know the latest news related to the entertainment world. Stay with

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