First Lady Bushra Bibi with Zulfi Bukhari Full Audio Leaked & Viral on social Media full Details Explained

First Lady Bushra Bibi with Zulfi Bukhari Full Audio Leaked & Viral on Social Media full Details Explained:- Online entertainment is, as of now coursing a supposed brief snippet of a call discussion.

Zulfi Bukhari and Bushra Bibi can be heard talking about the offer of watches in the supposedly recorded discussion. Bushra Bibi is the spouse of PTI administrator Imran Khan.

Imran Khan was given some Toshakhana watches, which Bushra Bibi taught Zulfi Bukhari to sell because Imran Khan didn’t want them.

Bushra Bibi: Hello

Zulfi Bukhari: Salam Alaikum, ji

Bushra Bibi: Ji, Walaikum Salam How are you?

Zulfi: I’m fine murshid, how are you?

Bushra: Thanks to Allah, Alhamdulillah. There are some watches of Khan sahib. He asked me to send these to you and you will sell them because they are of no use to him.

Zulfi: Yes

Bushra: So, he wants you to deal with it

Zulfi: Yes, murshid. I will do it

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The sound recording of Bushra Bibi, spouse of PTI Director Imran Khan, and Zulfi Bukhari, a previous exceptional right hand to the state leader, examining the offer of watches given to the previous state leader Imran Khan, is supposedly released on the web.

Bushra Bibi is welcomed by Zulfi Bukhari and tended to as “Murshid.” She answers by enquiring with regards to how the principal guest is doing. Moreover, she is heard mentioning that Bukhari sells some watches she claims from the past head since they are presently not being used. They will be sold, claims Mr Bukhari.

Imran Khan’s selling of his Toshakhana gifts has recently created a ton of discussion in Pakistani legislative issues.

The most costly of all was a gem-encrusted MasterGraff wristwatch that Saudi Arabia’s Crown Sovereign Mohammad container Salman provided for the PTI pioneer when he was the state leader of Pakistan.

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In any case, in the wake of falling under the control of financial specialist Umar Farooq Zahoor from the UAE, it turned into all the rage.

The multimillionaire finance manager from Dubai guarantees that he paid a weighty amount of $2 million to Farah Gogi, a trustworthy family companion of previous state leader Imran Khan, to buy the extremely valuable watch.

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