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Fraud & Rape Case: TV actress Accuses Pilot of Rape, Victim of Fraud via Metrimonial Site

Regarding the statement given by the actor from the police station, it is said that about 10 days ago, the accused called the victim and said that he wants to meet them and also see their house.

On Monday, January 18, the TV actress filed a complaint against the pilot of Bhopal. The complaining actress has done modeling before. This actress has accused the pilot of raping her while pretending to be married. On behalf of Mumbai’s Oshiwara police station, it was informed that the woman had complained about this case, after which after doing the necessary background check, an FIR has been filed against the accused pilot in the case on Monday.

In her statement recorded in the police station, the actress has said that she met the accused in December last year. He is a professional pilot. The actress has also told that she had met through a matrimonial site and promised to marry her. These pilots living in Bhopal, who is currently living in Mumbai, started chatting with the actress over the phone and chatting on social media.

Rape promise on the pretext of marriage

Regarding the statement given by the actress from the police station, it has been said that about 10 days ago, the accused called the victim and said that he wants to meet them and also see their house. Regarding this complaint, the police said that the actress, who is living alone in Mumbai, agreed to meet and called her to the house, where the pilot did what the victim said. After this, the accused promised the victim that he would introduce them to their parents for marriage talks, but nothing like this happened.

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On behalf of the police station, it has been said that the woman got upset and filed a complaint against them and the investigation is going on in the matter.

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