Genie Exum Leaked Video and Photos Goes Viral Social Media Twitter and Reddit Who is Genie Exum Explained!

Genie Exum Leaked Video and Photos Goes Viral Social Media Twitter and Reddit Who is Genie Exum Explained!:- As of late, the news has come to the virtual entertainment stages that the news is moving on the web and a young lady who has circulated around the web via web-based entertainment, Genie Exum is an Instagram model blamed for cutting her beau with a kitchen blade in Manhattan and purportedly attacking her cousin with a wine bottle a long time back in Alabama over the monetary issue, The Washington Post learned. This news is acquiring colossal consideration from individuals. Many individuals are looking through the information to be familiar with the entire matter of the news and what precisely occurred between them. Here we have more data about the news and we will impart it to you in this article, so we should begin the article. Stay tuned for more latest news Our Daily Updates

Genie Exum Video and Photos Leaked

As indicated by the report, Genie Exum is 22 years of age young lady who was purportedly mixed up with her cousin, Jenne Marlowe who is 23 years of age. They remained together in Phoenix in 2018, an individual acquainted with the matter said the circumstance of namelessness, in a condo.

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According to the sources, the genie Exum told her Cousin,” I will rip your go head to head.” Pictures posted by The Washington Post show Marlow with wounds all over, cuts on his arms, and ripped off counterfeit nails during the battle. Phoenix police have affirmed that they had called to examine on 21 October. In the episode among Marlow and Exum, however, the case had dropped after the cousin dismissed squeeze charges. The sources said Exum “ran into the kitchen and snatched a container of wine from the kitchen counter” before apparently harming her cousin in the head with the wine and thumping her to the ground.

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She purportedly yelled at her cousin: I will kill you. I will rip your go head to head. You’ll be nothing. You’ll be nothing throughout everyday life.” Ultimately, after Exum left the condo and neighbors called the police. then, at that point, the specialist needs to thoroughly eliminate Marlow’s draining nails. Family members said Mxum moved to California after the asserted assault, however before long returned to Alabama.

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They guarantee that Exum, who experienced childhood in Alabama, rose to acclaim after she opened an OnlyF account when she in a split second moved to Miami. There, she started transferring hot pictures of herself via virtual entertainment and celebrating with other girls.” really she has not addressed anybody around her since she was somewhat renowned,” said a relative from Alabama.

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