Gold Today Price Latest 23rd April : Gold-Silver Loses, 18-Carat Gold Price At RS. 35855

Gold Price Today 23rd April 2021: This season of marriage is good news for those who buy gold ornaments. Bullion markets today lost 24-carat gold to close at Rs 47615 and later lost only Rs 8 to close at Rs 47806. On the other hand, silver is also broken at Rs 648 per kg. According to the website of the India Bullion and Jewelers Association, today in the bullion markets, 23-carat gold has come down to Rs 47615 per 10 grams and 22 carat to Rs 43790. While the rate of 18-carat gold is Rs 35855 per 10 grams. Explain that the rate released by the India Bullion and Jewelers Association and the price of your city can vary between 500 and 1000 rupees.

Silver fell by Rs 909 in Delhi Bullion Market

Gold fell marginally by Rs 24 to Rs 47,273 per 10 grams due to sluggish demand in the Delhi bullion market. HDFC Securities has given this information. Due to this, the price of gold had closed at Rs 47,297 per 10 grams in the previous day’s session. Silver also fell by Rs 909 to Rs 68,062 per kg during this period. It closed at Rs 68,971 on the previous day. In the international market, gold rose marginally to $ 1,784 an ounce and silver to $ 26.05 an ounce. HDFC Securities Senior Analyst (Commodities) Tapan Patel said, “Gold prices continued to remain firm at the New York-based commodity exchange Kamex, with the spot price remaining firm at $ 1,784 an ounce.

According to the India Bullion and Jewelers Association website (, on 23 April 2021, the gold and silver spot prices across the country remained as follows ..

शाम का भाव

धातु 23 अप्रैल का रेट (रुपये/10 ग्राम) 22 अप्रैल का रेट (रुपये/10 ग्राम) रेट में बदलाव (रुपये/10 ग्राम)
Gold 999 (24 कैरेट) 47806 47814 -8
Gold 995 (23 कैरेट) 47615 47623 -8
Gold 916 (22 कैरेट) 43790 43798 -8
Gold 750 (18 कैरेट) 35855 35861 -6
Gold 585 ( 14 कैरेट) 27967 27971 -4
Silver 999 69152 Rs/Kg 69800 Rs/Kg -648 Rs/Kg


Gold futures fall due to weak demand

Gold prices fell by Rs 185 to Rs 47,587 per 10 grams in the futures market after speculators cut deals due to weak demand. The June delivery contract for gold fell by Rs 185, or 0.39 per cent, to Rs 47,587 per 10 grams at the Multi Commodity Exchange. It traded for 11,109 lots. Analysts believe that the futures price of gold has declined as speculators reduced their trades. Talking about global markets, gold prices in New York rose 0.05 percent to $ 1,782.90 an ounce.

Silver futures also fall

At the Multi Commodity Exchange, the silver futures contract fell by Rs 327, or 0.47 percent, to Rs 68,891 per kg. The futures contract traded for 8,706 lots. In New York, the price of silver was down by 0.24 percent at $ 26.16 per troy ounce.

Morning rate

धातु 23 अप्रैल का रेट (रुपये/10 ग्राम) 22 अप्रैल का रेट (रुपये/10 ग्राम) रेट में बदलाव (रुपये/10 ग्राम)
Gold 999 (24 कैरेट) 47615 47814 -199
Gold 995 (23 कैरेट) 47424 47623 -199
Gold 916 (22 कैरेट) 43615 43798 -183
Gold 750 (18 कैरेट) 35711 35861 -150
Gold 585 ( 14 कैरेट) 27855 27971 -116
Silver 999 69075 69800 -725


IBJA Rates are Recognized Nationwide

Explain that the rate issued by IBJA is universally accepted across the country. However, GST has not been included in the rate given on this website. When buying and selling gold, you can refer to the rate of IBJA. According to the India Bullion and Jewelers Association, ibja shows the average price of gold and silver from 14 centers across the country by taking a current rate. The current rate of gold-silver or, say, the spot price may be different at different places, but there is a slight difference in their prices.

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