Gullak 2 Movie Review 2021: The incomes of the middle class family

Gullak 2 Film Review: Like the first season of Gullak, in this season too, the story of the middle-class Mishra family of North India has been woven around the story. This time too, seeing everything in the story and understanding everything, the Gullak of the Mishra family has presented their hats, dreams, pain, relationships, well-being. The story is of the Mishra family of North India. The head of the house is Shanti Mishra. Her husband Dev Santosh Mishra is a clerk of the electricity department. Has two sons Annu and Aman Mishra. There is also a neighbor Mummy of Bittu, whose husband has earned a lot of money from the bribe and has to listen to taunts every day. What’s more special in this series, see this video

Gullak 2 Movie Review 2021:


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