Habib Bahar Bin Smith Leaked Viral Video On Haikal Hassan and Prabowo Subianto On Social media Twitter/Reddit Full Viral Video Explained

Habib Bahar Bin Smith Leaked Viral Video On Haikal Hassan and Prabowo Subianto On Social media Twitter/Reddit Full Viral Video Explained:- As of late the news has come on the web that Habib Bahar’s video became a web sensation video in light of the fact that Habib Bahar receptacle Smith Spoken about the figure of Hailkal HassanPrabowo Pengkhianat and this video is becoming famous online on the virtual entertainment stages and this news is acquiring colossal consideration from individuals in a rapid way. Individuals are talking about the information and they are looking through the information on the web. Individuals have many inquiries in their brains about the news. Here we have a few things about the news and we will attempt to cover all the data in this article, so we should proceed with the article, so we should proceed with the news. Stay tuned for more latest news Our Daily Updates

Bahar Bin Smith Sebut Prabowo dan Haikla Hassan Pengkhianat

As indicated by the report, Habib Bahar receptacle Smith discusses the figures of Haikal Hasan and Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto. He calls every one of the tricksters. Bahar’s words had been gotten on record. The brief video has turned into a web sensation on the web until it became famous online. As found in West Java at 16.00 WIB on 20 May 2022, Friday, one of the Facebook accounts posted a video of Bahar conversing with a man with a dark cap and a blue veil. The individual Bahar addressed was Gus Raffi. Habib Bahar contends with the observer at Hoak’s preliminary.

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At the first of the video, Bahar and Gus Roffi had all the earmarks of being kidding and Bahar quickly asked where Gus Raffi resided. “Where do you stay?” asked Bahar who was seen wearing a blue shirt.” Ana Kediri,” said Gus Rossii. Presently, Gus Raffi promptly talked about Heikal Hassan. Be that as it may, before he could wind up, Baja cut him off and talked about the deceiver. Counting discussing Prabowo.”Ah no… no… Hikal Hassan is a double-crosser, Prabowo is a backstabber. Hikal Hassan is a double-crosser, I have nothing to do with you,” said Bahar.

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Bogor, the proprietor of the Tajul Allawiyin Islamic Boarding School, replied by asking him also Haikal Hassan’s name before him. As indicated by him, Heikal Hassan has left a stain on his heart.” Don’t Raise the name of the double-crosser before you. Heikal Hassan is a deceiver, and that treachery is not welcome in your heart. Anna is dark, high contrast, not dim, that is Bahar receptacle Ali canister Smith” said Bahar Er. Revealed!

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