Humara Pyaar Chamatkar Kooku Web Series Full Episode Cast, Crew & Full Details

 today we are going to talk about the latest web series of the famous OTT platform Kuku Original App, after a long time we are getting to see a new website on the Kuku OTT platform, before that on 18 July 2021, Paglet web series was seen, after such a long time we are getting to see our love miraculous (Humara Pyaar Chamatkar) Kuku web series, and today we are going to review this web series in Hindi, in which we will tell you what is the story of the series. Well, what is the name of the cast working in the series, release date, etc. information, so let’s read Humara Pyaar Chamatkar Kooku Web Series Review without wasting any time.

Humara Pyaar Chamatkar Kooku Web Series Review

First, we talk and about the OTT platform, Kooku Original App, and Kooku App website is an OTT platform, on which we can enjoy all web series of their platform by subscribing. Just as there is the eye, we get to see more than one website, similarly, we get to see more than one latest web series on this platform too. But for some time we were not able to see the website due to internal problems, but now this wait is over and we are going to see Humara Pyaar Chamatkar Kooku Web SeriesHumara Pyar Chamatkar

Humara Pyaar Chamatkar Release Date

The official trailer of Hamara Pyaar Miraculous Kooku web series has been launched on 21st August 2021 on the official YouTube channel. Taylor is being liked a lot, the trailer has missed more than 61000 views in just 24 hours, the trailer has also received more than 2000 likes. Along with the trailer, the story and release date of the series have also been revealed, let us tell you that Humara Pyaar Chamatkar Kooku Web Series is being released on 23 August 2021.

Humara Pyaar Chamatkar Cast & Actress Name

We are going to see 5 main actors in Hamara Pyaar Miraculous Kooku web series, it includes three girls and two boys, apart from this, many actors will be seen as supporting cast. At present, the name of the hero and heroine has not been revealed, but as soon as we get the information, we will definitely share it with you. Apart from this, for your information, let us tell you that this web series has been directed by Rajat Tyagi.

Humara Pyaar Chamatkar Full Story

Talking about the story of Our Love Miraculous Cuckoo web series, we are going to see a story revolving around two married neighbors and a lady astrologer. There is a couple who have recently changed their house, and they have been quarreling a lot with each other since they move to the new house, their neighbors in the countryside seem happy, both neighbors visit each other and are sad Mian Biwi asks us how are you two happy even after marriage? After which she comes to meet Lady Astrologer, who tells her some remedies. But on the very next day, it is seen that the same lady astrologer gives them money, it will be very interesting to see what is the whole matter is after all? To know this, you have to watch the web series on Kooku. app on 23 August 2021.

How to watch all episodes online?

If you want to watch online all episodes of Kooku Original App’s latest web series Humara Pyaar Chamatkar (Humara Pyaar Chamatkar) as well as other web series of kooky OTT platform, then you can buy a subscription to their platform, which is very cheap. The information of which you will get by visiting the official website.

We hope that you have liked Humara Pyaar Chamatkar Kooku Web Series, in this we have told how you can watch all the lessons of the series online, what is the name of the actress of the series, release date, story, etc. . Similarly owl App, Kuku app to learn the first details of Amazon Prime Video, Disney plus Hotstar, etc. latest web series OTT platform remained with us.

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