5 Important TikTok Stats Marketers Need to Know in 2021

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The popularity of TikTok is recognizable. Everyone loves to make TikTok videos from the young generation to mid-age people because it is short, crisp, and entertaining. The brands are working on TikTok videos to make them reliable, authentic, and to the point.

 Here are the five essential stats that every marketer should know about TikTok.

1. Active Users on TikTok Are 689 Million

It is a tough competition to Instagram and Facebook; it is overgrowing with altogether 689 million users. The China users are not included in this count because the TikTok version in China is named Douyin. And it has almost 600 million users that are active. Around the world, it has nearly 1.29 billion users that use this platform. This data has made TikTok the 7th largest platform in the world. 

2. People of Age Group from 10 to 29 Are Almost 62%

The young generation, which includes GenZ and millennials, comprise the percentage of 62%. All these people are active in social media creating content on TikTok. If you are a brand that sells products targeting this age group, you can use the TikTok platform to showcase the products and capture a big market. It’s just that you have to be creative with content. ‘

3. The U.S Based TikTok Users Are Total in 65.9 Million

U.S users mainly comprise 65.9 million of users that are active on this platform. It is a significant number that changed the fate of the TikTok platform. People of the U.S love to use TikTok and keep entertaining the audiences. Apart from the U.S, other users compromised from other different parts of the world. In a way, it is an astonishing number to fetch users from all over the world, including the U.S. 

Important TikTok Stats Marketers

4. TikTok Users Have Topmost Followers of 111 Million

Charli D’Amelio has the topmost million users of about 111 million. At the same time, Addison Rae is the second in line with almost followers of 78 million. If you are a brand that wants to focus on influencer marketing, then targeting TikTok influencers is the best idea. With the vast number of followers, you can maximize the brand reach as well. Influencer marketing is marketing where you collaborate with the influencer for a specific monetary deal or barter deal. The influencer receives the product, uses it, and shares the experience with audiences.

5. Each Month a TikTok User Spends Almost 858 Minutes

TikTok users spend 858 minutes in a month. During the day, they spend 46 minutes. They scroll the app to watch trending videos and all kinds of videos. Most videos are 1-minute maximum; hence as a brand, you have this minute to reach and maximize the business goal to the primary audiences through TikTok. 

TikTok Strategies to Keep Brands Noticeable

It is high time that the brand should understand that if you want to target a young audience, you must use this platform. As per the latest marketing report, TikTok is the best platform for social media users to get noticed. Through this platform, you can tell many things about the brands. You can create your mission and vision with the brand. TikTok ensures that your brand gets maximum reach without wasting too much time. It is a short video platform that helps you target countless audiences and turn them into potential customers.

First Strategy: 

Be consistent in uploading videos on the TikTok platform. You should regularly post videos on the forum. It gives you the confidence to get recognition as a brand. It helps you get in touch with your audience, and they get to know about you. To make a name for your brand, you have to be consistent in posting videos. 

Second Strategy: 

Always try to script down your content. Video content is everything. It should be crisp, to the point, and relatable. People come to watch your TikTok video because it should have some information or education in the video. Therefore, sit down to write unique content and make it worthwhile for the audience. Give time to write content for the video. You must follow other users how they frame the content in your niche and then add your creativity. It gives you the confidence to frame unique content.

Third Strategy: 

The timing matters the most when you are posting the content. Check the insight when the followers are active the most. You must post the video according to that time. It makes the content relatable, and you know that it will have maximum reach. It is one of the best strategies to follow the time to post the videos.

Fourth Strategy: 

You must use the trending music on the platform. It has a high chance of getting views. Finding trending music is easy. When you scroll through the app, the music you hear all the time is the trending one. Add that music with relatable content then people will watch the video.

Fifth Strategy:

edit the video into a super quality one. Hence, you must use the InVideo editing tool to edit videos for the TikTok platform. Once you become a master to add a transition in the video, then you can easily post-transition video. 


Therefore, brands must follow these stats and strategies to become successful in the business. TikTok helps the brands to gain maximum followers, and these followers can turn customers too. It would help if you always kept following the above points to make yourself noticeable.

In the coming years, TikTok will be the most powerful social media platform which everyone will use to gain followers and brand recognition. You should always use these platforms to sell your products. Everyone must use this platform to increase their product sales, from big companies to small business owners. After all, it is a way to gain maximum followers in a short period.

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