IPL14 2021: Starting Date, Auction, Host Country, Teams & full Details

Check IPL 14 2021 Starting Date Auction Timing and Player Name and host Country Teams name Player name IPL Team Name and more details about IPL 2021

IPL 2020 is attracting a close in the UAE and the distance of IPL 2021 is not far enough that everything should be according to schedule. But according to the calendar for IPL 14 there are many hurdles to get a place. The biggest stumbling block is Kovid 19. There has been a decrease in cases in recent times, but we are not completely free from the clutches of the epidemic. There is no real confirmation on the much-awaited vaccine. So, can we watch IPL 2021 in time? Here are some basic facts.

IPL 14 2020 Start Date

IPL 2021 is expected from late March to mid-May, 2021. BCCI President Sourav Ganguly made it clear that he wanted to conduct IPL 2021 in India. Ganguly said on hosting IPL 2021 in India, “Hopefully by that time this vaccine will be out and we can host it.” However, all those calculations will depend on the health scenario in India and around the world.

IPL14 2021: Starting Date

IPL 14 2021 Venue Details

The powers that be want to stage IPL 2021 in India for obvious reasons. IPL 2020 was to be shifted to UAE as Coronavirus and BCCI stated that IPL 2021 could be staged in the Emirates even if Kovid 19’s situation in India remains fragile. But he expects the scenario to improve drastically in five or six months’ time and there is no need to transfer IPL 2021 from India. But if there is no other option, the BCCI can refer back to the UAE.

BCCI Want IPL 14 2021 in India

The BCCI wants to conduct IPL 2021 originally in India as it will have greater engagement with the general public than the tournament when it is hosting in a foreign country. Then in 2021, there is likely to be a crowd inside the stadium. Right now, IPL 2020 is being hosted behind closed doors and to some extent, it has affected the shine of the tournament.

IPL14 2021: Starting Date

IPL 14 2021 Auction Full Details

There are rumors that the BCCI may cancel the mega auction to be held before IPL 2021 due to Kovid 19 epidemic. However, BCCI chief Sourav Ganguly said that nothing has been decided yet on the nature of the auction. BCCI President Sourav Ganguly said, “We have not decided anything yet. Let this season come to an end, we will make a call.”

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