Islamabad Usman Mirza Leaked Full Video Explained: Man Arrested For Assaulting & Harassing Couple!

Islamabad Usman Mirza Video, Islamabad man has been arrested naming Usman Mirza as there has been a video of the guy assaulting a young couple as the video goes viral

There has been a peculiar case in Islamabad as a man has been captured naming Usman Mirza as there has been a video of the person attacking a youthful couple as the video began circling on the web and it seems to appreciate that the man was getting a reaction for what is found in the video and he has at last been captured by the Police.

Islamabad Usman Mirza Full Video

There was another person was going with him naming Farhan and he has additionally been captured by the Police, there was likewise a third individual who was found in the video and it seems to appreciate that the hunt is on to observe that the third individual who still up in the air as blamed and it has been expressed by the specialists that the charged will be confronting the court today.

The video has turned into a web sensation via web-based media stages and hashtags are streaming the whole way across the web to capture the man when you talk about Pakistani Twitter the kickback that he is confronting is colossal and individuals are vouching for him to get rebuffed for what he has done.

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Following a couple of hours, as the video became a web sensation, Mirza was arrested by the Police Department and the Police has enrolled the FIR against the man. Assuming you talk about the nauseating video then it was seen that he was whipping them fiercely and was badgering to another level and he was doing it in a room loaded with individuals and there has been some old video of the charge that has likewise come into notice in which his weapons have additionally been uncovered.

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Usman Mirza Cast Explained

Certain individuals were attempting to stop however he continued to compromise the youthful couple and it has been accounted for that Mirza is a property seller by calling and an update has been given with regards to the case by the PTI MNA naming Maleeka Bokhari that IG of Islamabad will be driving the examination for the case.

It seems like Karma comes for everybody and the couple will get equity for what they have gone through as the three denounced won’t receive in return as the circumstance is against them in each and every manner and they will get equity without a doubt.

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