Kick Start Your Exam Preparations With Online Learning Platforms

Kick Start Your Exam Preparations With Online Learning Platforms

When it comes to exam preparation especially for classes 11 and 12, as students, we make sure to give our best. We try to cover the entire syllabus and then practice several samples and mock test papers. Usually, we prefer NCERT textbooks which cover the best of everything as per the CBSE. Understanding and knowing the pattern of the exam will solve half of the problems. Once you get into the pattern or format, you will be able to know how you have to prepare. Know that you can get class NCERT solution online. There are many online platforms offering solutions that help the students to understand the concepts and fundamental basics.

When the student enters class 11, it is important to pay attention to the detail of every topic. Focusing on every part will help in the long term. You can also easily clear the competitive exams as well. Getting online solutions will also save your time as you need not stick to the questions which you are not able to solve. Know that getting the NCERT solutions will help you to easily get the step-by-step method of solving it. These solutions are as per the CBSE standards so it ensures that you will get full marks. These solutions are reliable and accurate. Many students seek help from these and have observed that their ability to solve the questions has improved gradually.

So, if you are looking for online learning platforms, do consider the following points:

  • Easy to use- Make sure that the website or the app is user-friendly. This will reduce the technicalities of using the platform. The easy user interface will help in making the learning process enjoyable and fun. It won’t feel complicated to the students as students are already burdened with the stress to score well. So if the platform is easy to use, it will give a good experience to the students. 
  • Engaging learning experience- When it comes to the online learning platform, it is important that the students get a good learning experience. To have a good learning experience, there must be some diagrams and illustrations which make the learning process easy. As we all have heard that images help better in retaining. It is important that the online learning platform should provide both synchronous and asynchronous learning options to the student.
  • Works on every device- It is important for the online learning platform to be compatible with the all the devices like android, ios, or laptops. This helps the students to have access to the platform without any problem. The platform chosen should be accessible on all the platforms so that every student can get the maximum benefit out of it.
  • Quality content- This must be given utmost importance. Make sure that the theory and practical questions must have detailed explanation so that it helps every kind of student whether poor or intelligent. Content should be given in such a way that it makes the concept look very simple and clear. The topics can be classified in table form for clearer understanding. As students, always look at the quality content to ensure that you get the best of everything. Make sure it covers everything like 11 NCERT books or other class syllabi. 
  • Instant results- The online learning platform should also provide the analytics which will help the student to know from where they have to resume the video if left in between. Some online learning platforms also have sample question papers consisting of MCQs which help you to know about your preparation status. The moment you will solve, you will get the results.

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  • Reliability- It is important to know whether the solutions provided on the platform are reliable or not. Always seek help from your teacher to choose the right learning platform or make sure you must have heard some good words about the platform. The learning platform should be reliable and ensure that the NCERT solution and other things are accurate. This will help the student to learn properly without having any doubts. 
  • Levels of difficulty- Different students have different kinds of learning paces. So it is important to have a different level of difficulty so that the poor student can start from level one and then increase the difficulty level. This will help the student to build his/her confidence to solve the sample paper. This way the student will gradually improve his/her performance and do well in the exam.

So above are some of the points students must consider while looking for an online learning platform. If you are looking for one, you can download the app of Infinity Learn. They have a team of the best teacher who will be by your side to provide you assistance at each step. So download their app and prepare well for your exams.

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