Logan Paul challenges Chris Hemsworth a fight after Floyd Mayweather, Fans Reacts on Twitter

Recently, Logan Paul has expressed his willingness to fight Marvel’s Thor, Chris Hemsworth, after his bout against boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather.

Logan Paul vs Chris Hemsworth: A couple of hours prior, a well-known maker and fighter Logan Paul challenges Chris Hemsworth. He shares his inclination on Twitter to battle with Marvel hero Chris Hemsworth (Hulk) after the battle against boxing genius Floyd Mayweather.

As we as a whole know, on the 20th February Logan Paul session against Floyd Mayweather. It was authoritatively reported in early December. He has glanced in incredible spirits and shows up very sure about his boxing capacity. This is in spite of the general agreement and assessment of Mike Tyson that Logan Paul might be in a tough situation during the battle.

Logan Paul challenges Chris Hemsworth a fight after Floyd Mayweather, Fans Reacts on Twitter

Notwithstanding, after a few responses and corresponds about the impending fascinating battle among Logan and Mayweather, it appears as though Logan Paul contemplates his next session after Mayweather. As of late, he took his authority Twitter account Logan Paul challenges Chris Hemsworth. He communicates his emotions to battle with Hollywood hotshot Chris Hemsworth.

Logan Paul announce he will fight Chris Hemsworth after the Floyd Mayweather bout

After the battle declares between both Logan and Mayweather. He consistent saying that he believes in his boxing expertise and capacities to play a game.

To exploiting greater ubiquity on Social Media he very time used to post many short clasps and Instagram video where he was seen discussing his capacities and getting a correlation between him and Floyd Mayweather. Look at a portion of the impression or clasps of Logan.

Logan Paul challenges Chris Hemsworth a fight after Floyd Mayweather, Fans Reacts on Twitter

Individuals could contend that if Logan could move away from the Floyd Mayweather session, a battle against Chris Hemsworth could well be a simple assignment.

While discussing Hemsworth is eminent for his fantastic build and exceptional activity on a few movies. He has no involvement with proficient boxing by any means. In the event that Hemsworth acknowledges the demand of Logan Paul, at that point, it will be a tuff rival against him. This obviously, is an assessment that he, at the end of the day, shares.

On Twitter, he reacted to a tweet indicating Chris Hemsworth’s boxing aptitudes and said he would battle him after Floyd Mayweather. As can be seen above, Logan Paul demonstrated no hesitance and energized gossipy tidbits that have positively stayed steady.


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