Maharashtra 3rd Wave Corona Virus: Has The Third Wave of Corona Arrived in Maharashtra?

Maharashtra 3rd Wave CoronaVirus: Has the third wave of corono arrived in Maharashtra? 9928 children below 18 years of age in Ahmednagar are Kovid positive

New Delhi. With over 9,000 children contracting the novel coronavirus in Maharashtra’s Ahmednagar in the month of May, the state has begun taking additional steps to mitigate the impact of a possible third wave of COVID-19 that may affect children more. can. In Sangli city of Maharashtra, a Kovid-19 ward is being prepared especially for children. At present, five children are being treated here and facilities are being prepared for more patients.

Corporate Abhijit Bhosale said, “We have prepared this Kovid ward for children so that we are ready when the third wave arrives. And the children will not feel that they are in the hospital, but they will feel that they are in the school or nursery.”

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Authorities became concerned when at least 8,000 children and teenagers tested positive for coronavirus in Ahmednagar this month, which accounts for about 10 percent of the district’s cases. The district administration is reaching out to pediatricians to ensure that they are prepared for the third wave. Ahmednagar district chief Rajendra Bhosale said, “In May alone, 8,000 children tested positive. This is worrisome.”

MLA Sangram Jagtap said, “There was a shortage of beds and oxygen during the second wave. Hence, we need to avoid it during the third wave and hence need to prepare ourselves completely.”

The state government does not want to take any risk, sources say, adding that they expect a possible third wave by the end of July or early August, giving the authorities about two months to prepare.

Maharashtra was one of the first states in India to be swept away by the brutal second wave of coronavirus that emerged in February, with hospitals overwhelmed and patients and their families struggling to find treatment, medical oxygen and medicines.

The central government’s top scientific advisor, Dr K Vijay Raghavan, said earlier this month that the third wave of coronavirus is “inevitable”.

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