Microsoft Windows 11 Review – Release Date, How to Download, Free or Paid

Hello friends, today we are going to talk about Microsoft Windows 11 , when will it be released, how to download Microsoft Windows 11, will it be free or paid? Stay tuned with us to know about it . Microsoft has announced the rights regarding Windows 11 in its virtual Microsoft event. Microsoft is going to bring many new features for its users through this new window, in which you will get new design layout and features like Android apps.


Finally, Windows 11 has been officially announced by Microsoft, now the question must be coming in your mind that when and how can we download Windows 11? Also, you must be thinking that you will have to pay money to download it or you are going to get it for free. Let us tell you the answers to all these questions.

Release Date

For your information, let us tell you that Microsoft has not yet announced any release date for Windows 11, so nothing can be said clearly yet, how long Windows 11 can be released. Many people also believe that it can be released by the end of this year, which means you may have to wait a little longer for it.

How to Download Windows 11

According to the information that is coming out now, a leaked Windows 11 builder is becoming quite popular these days. But we would like to tell you that you should not download it on your system or PC because it is unverified, you may face many problems while using it. Right now you have to wait a little longer for the official download link from Microsoft.

Is Windows 11 Windows Update Free or Paid?

According to the information that is coming out now, Microsoft has claimed to keep Windows 11 update free for Windows 10 users, just as Windows 10 was free for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users. This means that the Windows 11 version is going to be free for existing Windows 10 users. You can bookmark our website to be the first to know the latest updates related to Windows 11.

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