Mukhtar Ansari Ambulance Game Expose Latest Breaking News

The ambulance with which he went to appear in the court of the mafia Mukhtar Ansari Mohali, lodged in Ropar Jail in Punjab, is registered with Barabanki.

Mukhtar Ansari’s ambulance game has revealed a lot. The ambulance has been found abandoned in a deserted place. As soon as the Barabanki police arrived to investigate the fraud, the ambulance was found in a deserted condition outside the dhaba of Khawaspura village between Ropar and Shri Anandpur Sahib Highway. This is the luxury ambulance of Mukhtar Ansari.

Let us tell you that the ambulance that Mafia Ansari Mohali, who was lodged in Ropar Jail in Punjab, had registered with Barabanki to appear in the court of Mohali. This ambulance is registered in the name of Dr. Alka Rai, a resident of Rafi Nagar. The SIT was formed after the matter came to light.

Alka Rai questioned

SIT was formed under the additional SP North of Barabanki. In Mau, Barabanki police questioned Alka Rai on Sunday for two hours in the ambulance case. Two women policemen were also present in the five-member interrogation team. In this inquiry, Kotwal DK Srivastava of Kotwali police of Mau district was also present. The Barabanki police questioned him in his private hospital.

Preparations begin to bring Mukhtar to UP

A special police team will be sent from Banda tomorrow to bring Mukhtar from Ropar Jail in Punjab. Satyanarayana of IG told that Mukhtar will be brought to Banda from Ropar under special protection. Simultaneously, security arrangements have been increased in Banda Mandal Kargar. Along with the people coming to the jail, the criminals coming to the jail will also be monitored. In addition to the jail police in the jail, an additional police force will also be present outside the jail with security for two inspectors. At the same time, Barabanki police have detained the close of Mukhtar Ansari. Several people have been detained, including Sueb alias Babi, Feroze Ahmed. The police are questioning these people in the fake ambulance case.

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