New Labour Rules 2021: Now employees can get 3 days Leave

The Ministry of Labor and Employment may finalize the rules related to them this week to implement the four new Labour Rules

Employees can be discharged three days a week in the coming days under the new labor code. The Ministry of Labour and Employment may finalize the rules related to them this week to implement the four new Labour Rules. By implementing these rules, a new round of improved rules and regulations will start in the country’s Labour market. With the finalization of the draft, the employees will have the option of four working days a week and three days leave with it.

Apart from this, the Ministry is preparing an Internet-portal for the registration and welfare of workers in the unorganized sector. According to officials, this portal can be ready by June. Registration and other facilities for unorganized sector workers can be provided on this portal. In these, registration of workers like contract workers and platform workers will be done. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had mentioned the establishment of such a web-portal in his speech.

The 4 Labour Rules will be Applicable From 1st April 2021

Labour Secretary Apoorva Chandra said, rules are being made and it is expected that this work will be completed in the coming week. Discussions have been held with all concerned in this regard. He said that this ministry will soon be in a position to implement the 4 New Rules. These include salary/wage rules, rules on industrial relations, work-related safety, codes on health and workplace conditions (OSH), and social security rules. The Labor Ministry plans to implement the four rules from April.

Contained 44 Types of Old Rules in 4 Rules

To improve labor laws, the ministry has integrated a total of 44 types of old labor laws into four codes and is in the final stages of implementation. According to officials, the ministry wants to implement these laws simultaneously.

The government is preparing a portal

Regarding the portal, Chandra told that the work of preparing the portal is on and it can be started by June. He said that on this portal, information related to short-term contracts or work-based workers, construction workers, and workers coming from other states for wages will be collected. On this, there will be the facility of registration of such laborers. They will be given free insurance protection under Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana for one year.

Chandra also informed that the Labor Bureau will conduct four new surveys which will be related to employment generated by workers, domestic workers, professionals, and transport sector coming from other states. The bureau will start an All India Employment Survey (AIEES) based on establishments.

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