New Zealand earthquake strikes, magnitude 7.7 on Richter Scale, Tsunami warning issued

The US Geological Agency reported that the magnitude of the Earthquake measured 7.7 on the Richter scale and its center was located at the depth of Loyalty Island.

In the northern region of New Zealand, there was a powerful deep-sea earthquake on Wednesday, due to which a tsunami warning was issued in some parts of the region. The US Geological Agency reported that the intensity of the Earthquake measured 7.7 on the Richter scale and its center was located 10 kilometers (six miles) southeast of Loyalty Islands. The American Tsunami Warning Center issued tsunami warnings ranging from 0.3 to one meter (1 to 3.3 feet) for Vanuatu and Fiji. A tsunami warning was issued and then it was canceled for American Samoa.

At the same time, the first tremors of the Earthquake were felt in Indonesia. Earthquake tremors were felt in the western part of the country. However, there has been no immediate report of anyone being injured due to this earthquake. The US Geological Agency said that its intensity on the Richter scale was 6.2. Its core was 217 kilometers south-west of the city of Bengkulu in Bengkulu province, located southwest of Sumatra island. At the same time, its depth was up to 10 kilometers. However, no tsunami warning has been given yet.

Earthquake due to ring of fire

Most earthquakes in Indonesia and New Zealand are caused by the Ring of Fire. Scientists have named the most earthquake and volcano affected area on Earth as Ring of Fire. This area is located in the region of the Pacific Ocean. 90 percent of all earthquakes in the world fall in this region. There are about 450 active and calm volcanoes in this region. Due to this, the danger of earthquakes continues in the countries located in this region.

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