Nima Denzongpa 6th January 2022 Written Episode: Maaji And Ginesh Tricking Everyone

In the most recent episode of Nima Denzongpa, we have watched that Maaji and Ganesh are scrutinizing Suman gravely and she is wailing. Maaji even says that Suman is a pointless mother. Babita was additionally remaining there paying attention to them and comes in her mom and says that she is glad on her concerning whenever she first took represent her kids and says that you are my motivation. She says now she would rather not get hitched by a man who is impacted by society that much. Get more data on Nima Denzongpa Written Update.

Babita proceeded with her words with the help of her mom however her dad blew his top and went to slap her yet saved by Suman. While saving her girl from Ganesh’s slap she got hit by a divider and harmed harshly. Ganesh, Maaji, and Babita race to her. Nima who carried Paras alongside her to his home heard Ganesh’s shouts and furthermore hurried inside the house. Paras and Nima are terrified to see Suman falling in steps. They all hurried her to the medical clinic and specialists illuminates that her ailment is basic.

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The Doctor further says that she promptly needs O-negative blood. Nima additionally illuminates at home with regards to Suman. Nima approaches and gives her blood to Suman. Manya arrived at the medical clinic alongside Suresh and Maaji made faces seeing her. Paras asks Babita how did this occur, Babita is going to come to clean however Maaji again controls her words and says she wasn’t feeling great since you went out and in your division, this occurred with her. Babita looks on. Babita further says to Paras that they effectively get consented to take a worker’s blood and yet decline to acknowledge her girl. Paras says Nima’s aunt is extraordinary.

Inevitably, all assembled close to Nima, Paras overlap his hand and expresses gratitude toward Nima. Ganesh and Maaji again began playing their game and Ganesh takes Babita alongside her in the affection of completing the conventions. Maaji there says that Suman was submerged in huge shock because of Paras’ marriage. She further says that she is reviling herself.

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She then, at that point, shows her phony tears and argues to remain away from Suman from this wreck. Nima concurs with Maaji, Paras, and Manya worryingly hearing them. Check out Colors TV from Monday to Friday at 9 PM and partake in every one of the new episodes.

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