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Pinjara Khubsurti Ka Written Update 27th January 2021: Omkar Expresses His Feelings

The most recent scene of Pinjara Khubsurti Ka has been begun with Akhilesh requesting that Mayura gather her packs as they are leaving. Mayura says she is chatting on the telephone and going in close vicinity to 2 minutes. Akhilesh gets disillusioned. Omkar there is dreaming about Mayura, requesting that he search her and that she won’t stop. He awakens from the fantasy and incredibly called Mayura’s name. Later then he came to realize that he was dreaming. Omkar tries to go out o the ward yet he finds that the entryway is bolted. Omkar thumps on the entryway and the compounder open the entryway.

Akhilesh there takes Mayura alongside him and leaves the emergency clinic. As the entryway opens he quickly heads towards Mayura’s ward. He worriedly thinks of his little glimpse of heaven. Mayura who is in the vehicle alongside Akhilesh and gets some information about Megha Di and says she going to get in touch with her by means of the video call. Akhilesh says that is going to her so she can take care of her coming there. Mayura saw, that Akhilesh is looking strained she says if there is anything upsetting you. He answers nothing he is simply worried for Megha.

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka Written Update 27th January 2021: Omkar Expresses His Feelings

Mayura unexpectedly requests that the driver stop the vehicle, Akhilesh inquires as to why and all of a sudden the driver stops the vehicle. Omkar there is enquiring about Mayura in the clinic. The attendant answers that she is in the emergency clinic. He at that point gets some information about Neil she answers that he is likewise overwhelmed. Mayura says to Akhilesh wouldn’t you say you are destroying her fantasies. Akhlesh says her to more readily be situated in the vehicle and don’t make a disturbance here. Omkar there no place discovers Mayura, so he called Bali and advises him to bring the vehicle as he will leave from here.

In the interim, the ward kid comes and says, Doctor Dubey, obliged her dad. Omkar is imagining that many of Mayura’s folks became more acquainted with him. Mayura there is saying that you are ruining her fantasies. She says now even she got the speculator. Akhilesh gets some information about the speculator, she answers Omkar. While she is contending with Akhilesh and in the middle, she imploded before her Omkar’s vehicle. Omkar stops his vehicle at the correct opportunity he comes out and inquires as to whether she is fine. She says yes and requests that she take her to the clinic.

Akhilesh stops Omkar, and Omkar folds his hand before Akhilesh and says hear him out first. Akhilesh says to stop his dramatization as he is essentially mindful of him. He comes and holds Mayura’s hand and Omkar holds Mayura’s other hand, Akhilesh requests that she leave the hand. Omkar says that he will kick the bucket if Mayura leaves her this time. Mayura stunned in the wake of hearing this and asks how would you know one another. While Akhilesh says that you haven’t any privilege on Mayura she is my girl. Omkar says she is my better half as well. Mayura dazed and her blazes got clear and get her memory back.

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