Radhe vs SMJ 2: Who will win the battle between Salman and John in the theater, between Corona?

Radhe vs SMJ 2 Blockbuster Movie Release Date, Wiki Bio & Full Details. John has Made it Clear in One of His Statements That His Wilm will be Released on the Same Date.

Already in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic, filmmakers are struggling with a 50 percent capacity in theaters. In such a situation, if two big films are released in theaters simultaneously, then the filmmakers will be at a disadvantage, but at the same time, the cinemas will also have to face it. Two big films like Salman Khan’s Radhe and John Abraham’s Satyameva Jayate 2 are being released this Eid.

Although the release date of Salman’s ‘Radhey’ has not been announced yet, the film will be released on the occasion of Eid in May, it has been announced by the people associated with the film. Meanwhile, on the occasion of Republic Day, John Abraham announced the release date of the film by releasing a new poster of his film ‘Satyamev Jayate 2’, which is – May 14, 2021. Eid is on May 12. Two days after this, ‘Satyamev Jayate 2’ is being released.

John has made it clear in one of his statements that his film will be released on the same date, which has been announced. That is, John is not unaware that Salman’s film will also be released on the occasion of Eid and despite knowing that he will not back down from his release date. The news of the clash of these two films at the box office has not only made the cinema lovers sleepy on social media, but the trade industry is also looking upset by it.

Radhe vs SMJ 2: Who Will Win the Battle

The clash at the theater of two major films in the midst of the Corona epidemic is potentially considerable. The seating arrangement of 50 percent capacity is still maintained in theaters. Due to the epidemic, it is not expected that in the next few months, the government will allow theaters to operate with full capacity. In such a situation, filmmakers and distributors are seen trying to avoid being released along with two big films.

Meanwhile, when news of the clash of Salman and John’s films has come to light, both producers and distributors seem to be in trouble. A film to be released with 50 percent capacity is already on backfoot these days, as the business may suffer at least 30 percent loss. Both ‘Radhey’ and ‘Satyamev Jayate 2’ have a lot to lose and a lot is at stake. Interestingly, both films are eagerly awaiting good business, as the films of these stars are being released after a long time due to the theaters being closed for months. Now it has to be seen who wins and who does not.

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