Rebecca Maddern Leaked Video, TV Anchors Caught Trashing Novak Djokovic In Viral Video Leaves Twitter Scandalized!

IDEO: Rebecca Maddern Leaked Video Leave Twitter Scandalized: Novak Djokovic has become the burning topic in Australia after his visa was revoked by the Aussie

VIDEO: Rebecca Maddern Leaked Video Leave Twitter Scandalized: Novak Djokovic has turned into the consuming subject in Australia after his visa was repudiated by the Aussie government not long before the competition and after this Novak Djokovic’s name, at last, is associating with another discussion consistently and this time two columnist from Australia has considered the world’s highest level tennis player an a**hole during his visa adventure matter which is presently catering features in each news. Take a delve into this article and learn more on the Novak Djokovic visa issue which has turned into the bone of conflict via online media and in News channels.

Rebecca Maddern Leaked Video Explained

A large number of individuals commented that assertion as an exposure trick to acquire some spotlight through this hot subject, two Aussie journos named Rebecca Maddern and Mike Amor, these two are the justification for watchers lift up them for considering pinnacle tennis player an a**hole. Rebecca Maddern and Mike Amor are the two anchors of Channel 7 and they made this contention when they did a real-to-life conversation on Novak Djokovic’s visa issue and later it becomes spilled on Twitter. Rebecca Maddern said to Amor that the manner in which you look at it, he (Novak Djokovic) is a lying, a**hole, Rebecca as of late joined Channel 7 in the wake of leaving rival network Nine only a couple of days prior and furthermore, Amor additionally said Djokovic is an a**hole and you have a bullsh*t fu**ing reason and afterward he slipped over his own fu**ing lies, which is what follows right?

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Rebecca Maddern Leaked Video

Channel 7 immediately reacted to these assertions and declared they have begun a test into the unlawful hole and made it clear there would be no kidding ramifications for the culprit. What’s more, later Rebecca Maddern apologized for her words on Djokovic and numerous watchers thought of it as unseemly articulations by the anchors while a few watchers asserted that it was the extraordinary section they had seen after quite a while which addressed the disappointing demeanor of Australians on Djokovic adventure unfurl.

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Mysterious Australian composed via online media that each resident of Australia should stand firm for Rebecca Maddern and Mike Amor they have recently expressed what we are thinking and what the remainder of the world is thinking at present and other obscure individuals composed that Rebecca and Amor just said considerations of 90% individuals of Australia and a lot more wrote for Amor and Rebecca. Remain associated with our blog to realize more on this issue and why watchers come together for Maddern and Mike Amor.

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