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Special Trains List Update: Railways Released List of Special Trains

Muzaffarpur-Anandvihar Terminal-Muzaffarpur Clone Special train will be canceled on January 31 and February 1. East Central Railway has given this information to the passengers by tweeting in this regard.

During the Corona period, the railways had to stop their regular services. During the unlock, train services were started in phases and now a large number of trains are being run. Around 1150 special trains have started running across the country and this number is being increased continuously.

According to the railways, the service period of many trains has been extended, while the operation of new trains has been started on many routes as per the need. Ticket booking for trains whose trips have been extended recently has started from January 23.

In the Corona era, the Railways are running special trains which are completely reserved category. Intercity and suburban services have been started on some routes, but about 35 percent of passenger trains are still closed. However, here we are telling about the trains which are being started and the trains whose service period is being extended.

This Train Will be Canceled on 31 January and 01 February

First of all, let us know that Muzaffarpur-Anandvihar Terminal-Muzaffarpur Clone Special train will be canceled on January 31 and February 1. East Central Railway has given this information to the passengers by tweeting in this regard. According to the railway, train number 02573 from Muzaffarpur will remain canceled on January 31. In return, 02574 Delhi’s Anandvihar Terminal has been canceled on February 1.

Special train between Muzaffarpur and Porbandar via Delhi

09269/09270 Special train has started operating between Muzaffarpur and Porbandar via Delhi. The operation of this special train, which runs 2 days a week, will continue till the next order. From Porbandar will open at 19:40 in the evening on Thursday and Friday, while in return it will open from Muzaffarpur at 15:15 on Sunday and Monday.

Madar-Kolkata-Madar Weekly Special service period increased

For the convenience of passengers, the service period of two pairs of trains running from Howrah / Sealdah to Jaynagar and Raxaul has been extended. Along with this, the duration of operation of 03 pairs of special trains going to Barmer, Jammuutvi, and Kathgodam has been extended, stopping at various stations of East Central Railway. See details below.

02323 Howrah Barmer Express will run from 29 January to 26 March.
02324 Barmer Howrah Express will run from 03 February to 31 March.
02819 Anandvihar Express will run from 02 February to 21 March.
02820 Anandvihar Bhubaneswar Express will run from 04 February to 02 April.
02331 Howrah Jammu Tawi Himgiri Express will run from 30 January to 30 March.
02332 Jammu Tawi Howrah Himgiri Express will run from 01 February to 01 April.
03019 Howrah Kathgodam Bagh Express will run from 31 January to 31 March.
03020 Kathgodam Howrah Bagh Express will run from 02 February to 02 April.

How long will regular services be restored?

A railway official said that the approval of the Ministry of Home Affairs is necessary to start regular train services. The news of the commencement of passenger trains had gone viral since February, which has been denied. However, it is expected that after the corona infection situation is under control by March, the Home Ministry can get the green signal.

Please tell that Indian Railways is running about 1150 Mail Express trains especially including Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Duronto. At present, about 65 percent of services of total Mail Express trains have been started. Local and local services are also expected to be started soon. However, nothing is decided yet.

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