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‘StayBlessed’: Rapper 199nah brings awareness track on COVID-19

Rapper Saimon Karki (199nah) has recently brought everyone’s attention with his Covid-19 awareness track. Titled StayBlessed, the video was shared on YouTube and is available on all major music platforms worldwide.


199nah urged everyone to stay home and practice social distancing. 199nah is using his time in lockdown to write music with an important message. He requests people to stay inside, kill the thoughts of leaving out of the door. Inspiration on each line from his song is the best part everyone likes about.

In the video, 199nah also talks about the importance of washing hands and staying indoors. The rap’s meaningful lyrics and catchy tune have now won people over.

He has uploaded the song with a cover image and is looking further to release the official video. 

Since many people are curious about getting verified on social Media, 199nah has grabbed an artist verification logo on his youtube channel and the video will be uploaded on his verified channel.

What do you think of his rap, Share your opinion in the comment section?

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