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The Girl on the Train: People Angry at Netflix, Fans Were Surprised by Watching the Movie

The Girl on the Train: People Angry at Netflix, Fans Were Surprised by Watching the Movie

Fans of Bollywood actress Parineeti Chopra’s film ‘The Girl on the Train’ are eagerly waiting. The film will be released on Netflix which is a remake of a Hollywood film by the same name. Before the release of this film, something has happened to the audience that now people are very angry with Netflix. Actually, Netflix has released a film with the same name. After seeing the name, people started watching the film, then it came to know that this is not the film on which Parineeti Chopra’s film is based.

Actually, in 2016, a film was made in Hollywood called ‘The Girl on the Train’. The film was based on the novel written by Paula Hawkins under the same name. The film is also available on Amazon Prime. As soon as people came to know that Parineeti Chopra’s film is a remake of this Hollywood film, people started searching for the original film as usual. People’s search ended when they saw a film with the same name on Netflix. Fans simply hit the play button on seeing the name of the film. After watching the film for half an hour to an hour, it came to know that this film is not what they wanted to see. In this film, Emily Ballant was not there at all. This film was made in the year 2013 by artists like Henry Ian Cusick, Nicky Aycox, Stephen Lang. In such a situation, people are very angry with this thing now.

Let me tell you, Parineeti Chopra’s film ‘The Girl on the Train is going to be released on Netflix on February 26 next month. Recently the film’s teaser was released. According to media reports, Parineeti Chopra will play the role of an undercover agent in this film. The story of the film revolves around Chopra’s character who is on a campaign to rescue Indian agents.

In the teaser of the released film, the actress is surprised to see us wandering abroad. After watching the video, it seems that the actress is looking for someone. Now, what is inside the film, what cannot be guessed?

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